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Metaphorum 2016: Cybernetics and Governance

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Conference 2016 – Cybernetics and Governance

METAPHORUM October 5-7, 2016

Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK

Governance and Complexity: innovative research and applications of viability theory and the Viable System Model and the 90 year celebration of the birthday of Stafford Beer.

The Centre for Governance Leadership and Global Responsibility at Leeds Beckett University in Leeds, UK and the Centre for Systems Studies at the University of Hull invite researchers, practitioners and students to come and share experiences and results.

Stafford Beer introduced the Viable System Model and complexity management to social organizations in one of the most farsighted experiments in public governance in the 20th Century – the Cybersyn Project in Chile. Since then the application of the Theory of Viability has gained increasing momentum as governments and organizations seek to develop resilience and capabilities to adapt to rapid change.

Metaphorum grew out of a Syntegration held in 2003 when Stafford Beer’s friends, colleagues, students and collaborators gathered at the Scarborough Campus of the University of Hull to consider how to maintain and advance his legacy and the promise of organizational cybernetics. Metaphorum conferences provide the opportunity to network and learn from each other in this widely dispersed community of practice. Since then a number of Conferences have been held in the UK, Ireland and Switzerland.

Kind regards,

Pedro Pablo Cardoso
Leeds Beckett University
Business School


BIOS 2016


Metaphorum Conference 2016 Programme


Peter Allen – Presentation 2016

Pedro Pablo Cardoso – Presentation 2016

Angela Espinosa – Presentation 2016

Markus Gots Junginger – Presentation 2018

Markus Junginger – presentation 2016

Leonie Solomon – Presentation 2016

Russel Clemens- Presentaiton 2016

Rusell Clemens – Presentation 2016

Olaf Brugman – Presentation 2016

Robin Ashby – Presentation 2016

Markus Pfiffner – Presentaiton 2016

Jan Kuiper