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Stafford Beer wrote Beyond Dispute The Invention of Team Syntegrity   Metaphorum members are interested in developing and researching the application of what Stafford Beer called Syntegrations. (P20, Beyond Dispute)

Allenna Leonard presented (February 2023) a description of Syntegration at an online presentation for the International Society for the Systems Sciences. 

Mike van de Wijnckel presented a review of his research work in December 2022 entitled Revisiting Beyond Dispute see the recording here 

A bibliography of Team Syntegrity is here. It consists of 115 English language publications covering Team Syntegrity across 4 different document types over the past 32 years, on average 3-4 publications per year. Citation style is IEEE. Fuller’s 1975 book ‘Synergetics’ is added as it seems to be the locus of Stafford’ inspiration to work on polyhedra.

In 2021/2022 Members of Metaphorum took the Syntegration process online in a pilot scheme and called it e-Syn2030