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The Forum

The purpose of the Forum is

  • for news and the exchange and generation of ideas
  • for general exchange of organizational news of Metaphorum

The Forum has been created for

  • the members for an easier exchange
  • for all who wand to learn more about the VSM and Organizational Cybernetics
  • for all who are interested in the further development of the VSM and Syntegration
  • for all who are looking for reliable information about the work and life of Stafford Beer, the inventor of VSM and Syntegration

LinkedIn Group


This group contains a general discussion about the Viable System Model.

VSM Case Studies

This group distributes case studies and experiences around the Viable System Model

SIGs: Special Interest Groups

At the conference in 2023, Metaphorum decided to create a number of Special Interest Groups.

We are in the process of opening these groups up, so stay tuned.

The Metaphorum Archives

In 2006 the Metaphorum community began using the Listserv technology to communicate between members. The service was kindly hosted by the University College Dublin (UCD).

Known as the UCD-STAFFORDBEER ARCHIVES, the Forum was dedicated to the work of Stafford Beer and operated between May 2006 – November 2016.  Although still technically active, the Listserv is now rarely used and contemporary discussions have migrated to other forms such as Linkedin.