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The heart of the 4th industrial revolution in the brain of Viable System Model.

Many of Beer and his team’s reflections on the effective incorporation of people into the project considered prototypes for measuring audiences in real time.

This view of the common good is especially critical in the main political and sociocultural dilemmas that form part of todays debates regarding the future of ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Cybernetics and the Environmental Crisis

Metaphorum Webinar 03.04.2024 Pickering

Foreshadowing the disasters of the Anthropocene, in the late 1960s Gregory Bateson developed a cybernetic analysis of the environmental crisis which was then starting to be recognised. He argued that its roots lay in dualist fantasies of control of nature which inevitably produced unintended and sometimes catastrophic spin-offs—Silent Spring. The implication Bateson drew was that […]

Mindset agency theory

Prof Yolles will offer a takeaway from his recent book (with M.I.Fink), with emphasis in Social Agency in Organisational Cybernetics. The book explains psychological, socio-political and organisational change in multidisciplinary settings. It shows how advanced techniques of contextual analysis can be applied to complex situations and offers a new cybernetic agency paradigm based on living […]

The role of VSM in designing and managing future-fit organisations

This webinar will present some ideas of how VSM can help achieve sustainability at the corporate and organizational levels. First, corporate sustainability will be examined using a systems approach, as well as its business case. Then two ways VSM could be used to advance corporate sustainability will be presented: the first one employs VSM as […]

What Is the Identity of an Organisation?

An organisation — company, NGO, government department — is always understood to have an identity but how this is described is very variable and how it is handled in VSM sometimes curious.  Finance, marketing, HR et cetera approach it differently.  Several systems theories approach it as a matter of practitioner definition of the system to […]

Covid19 Pandemic – Dealing with the Unpredictable: Crisis Management in a Federation

The management of coronavirus is usually viewed and commented on from an epidemiological, virological or economic perspective. We will demonstrate that the organisational dimension is equally important in this context. It is too often neglected. In a study which is close to completion, we explore the question of how the organisation for dealing with the […]