Ctrl+Shift+Del - Rebooting Society

The Nautisch Kwartier Hotel (Huizen, Amsterdam)

November 1st-3th 2019

Venue and accommodation

This won’t be the first time that we’ve held a Metaphorum get-together to share experiences and knowledge on ways to apply and develop Stafford Beer’s original innovations, the Viable System Model and Team Syntegrity, as useful tools to support more conscious, self-evolutionary individuals, organisations and societies. This time, the challenges of our current international environment couldn’t be more demanding: the escalating impact of global climate change;  the massive domination of global capitalism through trans-national corporations; the mind-boggling increase in inequality, continuing poverty for the majority of people in the southern half of the planet; and the escalating risk of wars, given the rising geo political tensions. 

Everyone seems to be calling for massive, urgent and dramatic system change at all levels. New forms of economy need to be invented; new forms of businesses need to emerge; new ways of relating to each other inside organisations are in high demand; in other words, we need to reboot society! (Ctrl/Shift/Del!!) We need to invent a new (sustainable and equitable) economic model, new business models, and new ways of relating to each other.

The time for Stafford’s ideas has finally arrived !

This is an invitation to the Metaphorum community to join us in the search for inspiring examples of ways to continue developing Stafford Beer’s work to co-design a new, revolutionary  platform for dramatic and massive systemic change in business and society. Any contribution involving systemic change supported by the Viable System Model and Team Syntegrity, at any scale (from the individual, to the family, neighbourhood, communities, private and public organisations, to the whole planet) is welcomed. All together we can contribute to the urgent need for innovations which can help us to progress towards a fair, people-centred, self-directed, sustainable, and self-evolutionary society.


November 1st-3rd 2019


We’ll start with a social gathering and meal on the evening of Friday the 1st November, to recap on last year’s conference and to decide on details for the agenda for the following days. There will be drinks available at the venue combined with other social events. 

On Saturday, all day, there will be a series of seminars, from those presenting a topic for discussion. Participants can choose between several topics, following the detailed agenda which will be provided before the event. 

On Sunday, there will be an open forum, to develop core issues emerging from the previous conversations, in self organised teams. The methodology  we will apply could be World Café or an adaptation of Open Space. Simple, adequate and flexible. Jan Kuiper will be organising.

See detailed Timetable and Program.

Timetable Metaphorum Huizen

Metaphorum 2019 Agenda Final

There will be an extra workshop on Monday, for those interested in staying an extra night, led by Joe Truss, Christine Cullen and David Beatty, on the latest developments of Team Syntegrity, from 11 a.m.-17:45 pm, called: “ Embodying the Cosmic Code’. See attached flyer with more information. See David Beatty’s invitation to the workshop

Cosmic Code Primer (2)

Additional Workshop JT CT DB

Contact David at djfbeatty@icloud.com to register to the Monday Workshop and/or for clarifications. 


You can either register as a speaker, or just as a participant. For speakers, we will need the following before the 10th October:

– Short CV (with your picture)

– Title of your talk and a brief summary

We will be choosing the best abstracts, and inviting speakers to complete a paper to be published in an Academic Journal. Details of the journal to be confirmed soon.


The Nautisch Kwartier in Huizen  

Address: Mastspoor 1, 1271 GL Huizen

Phone number: +31-35-5230010

Website: https://www.hotelnautischkwartier.nl/en/


By train: Every 30 min (at .12 and .42) a direct train leaves from Schiphol (platform 3) to train station Naarden-Bussum.  It takes 35-40 minutes. Please do check the correct platform on the day of arrival!


Pieter Kuiper (Jan’s son) will pick you up at the train station in Naarden-Bussum and drive you to the hotel (10 min drive). The same service back to the train station will also be available on Sunday. Please contact Peter through text message or Whatsapp on +31-6-13607537 and let him know your time of arrival at Naarden-Bussum on Friday.  


The conference fee is €200 (£185) which includes the opening dinner on Friday and lunch, coffee/tea etc on Saturday and Sunday.    

So here’s what you do to register :

1. Inform us you want to register,   by email

2. We will then send you the relevant invoice through Paypal (€200, or £185).

3. You pay the conference fee. (see below for details)

4. Let us know you have paid.

And you are registered !

PAYMENT:  You can pay your fees by:

a. Depositing your fees through Paypal, as detailed on the invoice. 

b. Depositing the fees directly in the Metaphorum Bank account and sending us a copy of the deposit:

Account name:  Metaphorum

Bank name: Lloyds Bank

Sort Code:30-98-97

Account: 42736760


IBAN: GB03 LOYD 3098 9742 7367 60


Following requests from several participants we have now agreed with the hotel that each one of you can book through booking.com or directly with the hotel, for the number of nights you’ d like to stay, and pay to the hotel for the meals you decide to have at the hotel.

This gives everyone more freedom regarding the length of their stay, and eating inside or outside the hotel. It also makes it cheaper for those sharing rooms. Prices in booking.com suggest that the fees are between £140 per person for 2 nights (single room), and £200 for 2 nights (double room).   Breakfast is €15.

Check www.metaphorum.org for updates and more detailed information.

Hope to see you all in November!

 Angela Espinosa, Jon Walker, Jan Kuiper,  Allena Leonard, Mark Lambertz 


If you have any questions,  about the venue or the hotel, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with: Jan Kuiper jkuipkk@xs4all.nl and/or Sarah van der Leun <confettihelden@gmail.com>

For any academic questions abstracts or agenda, please get in touch with:


For questions about payments or registration, please get in touch with: walker.jon.99@gmail.com

For registration to the Monday Workshop, please contact David Beatty, at:

31 (6- 214 48992)