Conference News

Metaphorum 2017 is an opportunity to make connections between practitioners and theorists. The connection-making process begins with the submission of abstracts.  ​More >>>

We are happy to announce the following speakers:
John Seddon, Liz Mear, Gerald Midgley, David Welbourn, David Shiers and Allena Leonard.
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The conference fee for the three days is £225, to include refreshments and lunches. Register online!
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The conference is being organised by the University of Liverpool, and will be held at the Friends House, Liverpool. More >>>

Cybernetics is a playful subject which embraces art and aesthetics as much as it does management and technology.

In the spirit of this, the conference committee are organising a participative “performance evening” during the conference.

Details for follow!




This website is dedicated to work of Stafford Beer as a scientist, manager and artist. More >>> 

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The Viable System Model

An exemplary model of a viable system. Assumption: There is one System 1 purchasing external resources and one System 1 which produces the value, delivered to the customers. 


The Purpose Of a System Is What It Does