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 A One Day Conversation-based Systemic Co-inquiry Event – Washington DC USA June 14 2024

 The International Federation for Systems Research & The Forum on Democracy invite you to attend 

A One Day Conversation-based Systemic Co-inquiry Event  “Neither Subjective nor Objective, but Systemic”  Out of the Many, a United Voice: How Separate Systems Organizations can collaborate to Change the Institutional Landscape and Enable Governing for Transformation Systemically & Cybernetically 

Why this event? 

This event has arisen through the emergence of common interests between two organizations (IFSR and Forum) who have found themselves to be on common ground at a moment when the ISSS and ASC are holding their annual conferences in Washington DC. It grows out of a conversation based on common interests and concerns – that what the world needs is governance re-invention that draws on cybersystemic thought and action. 

The IFSR narrative that brings it to this point is contained within the 2022, 2023 and 2024 strategic agenda series published in Systems Research & Behavioral Science.1 In short, the challenges of the Human-induced Anthropocene were pre-empted by systems scholars in the exposition of the ‘global problematique’ and are now made manifest in what some systems scholars called the polycrisis. These framings alert us to our human circumstances but to date, have done little to transform our manners of being and doing, as the polycrisis is an outcome of a profound governance crisis. Widening the gaze and embracing the full capacity of the cybersystemic perspective of systems research seeks to allow IFSR members, and cybersystemic scholars more generally, to harness their understandings and praxes to bring fresh momentum to navigating the polycrisis and governing for transformation. Systems, cybernetics, and systemic design require new alignments in our ‘institutional landscape’ and ecosystems of practice to enable future research, policy development and education to deliver the transformations our contemporary circumstances demand. 

More information in the attached PDF and on the IFSR website https://www.ifsr.org