Stafford's Work

Stafford Beer offers a new approach to design organisations that can sustain in chaotic times.

The Viable System Model (VSM) and Team Syntegrity (TS) support more effective and agile organisations, by unlocking the emancipatory potential of its members.

We are a vibrant, global community that develops, and disseminates, his tools and ideas to contribute to build a better world.

Discuss with the academic, nonprofit and business community on our conference.

Metaphorum 2024: Call for Participation

This is our final call for participation!  We still have some slots left, that is why we want to give more people the chance to apply. Therefore, we have extended the deadline to July 1st (end of the day).

Additionally, we want to encourage academics to apply – we are about to organize a special edition of a journal around this year’s conference theme. We will confirm soon the journal we’d be working with.

What makes this years’ presentations so special? We want to engage via poster presentations.

The process is really easy and should not take too much time.

You can decide how you design the experience and choose a format that suits your topic. Just check out our simple form! -> 16th Metaphorum – 2024 – Berlin – Germany (office.com)

Need some inspiration on what to present?

Special Interest Groups

Metaphorum organizes a monthly webinar, conferences and has interesting special interest groups. Get informed:

Recent Webinars

Fourth industrial revolution ...


The heart of the 4th industrial revolution in the brain of Viable System Model.

Rodrigo Fernández Albornoz

Many of Beer and his team’s reflections on the effective incorporation of people into the project considered prototypes for measuring audiences in real time. This view of the common good is especially critical in the main political and sociocultural dilemmas that form part of todays debates regarding the future of ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Sapient paradox - screenshot


The Sapient Paradox as the consequence of a cybernetical bifurcation in the evolution.

Dr. Peter Robertson

Why did humankind create such a moral and ecological mess of this world, and why have we done that for only about 10,000 years? This question might be related to the Sapient Paradox, which emerged after decades of archeological and neurophysiological research.

Metaphorum Webinar 03.04.2024 Pickering


Cybernetics and the Environmental Crisis

Professor Andrew Pickering

Foreshadowing the disasters of …