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Webinar Series for the 1st Semester of 2024

We are very pleased to announce the forthcoming Webinar Series for the 1st Semester of 2024.  In 2024 we will have two types of webinars:

a) webinars to share ongoing developments of the Metaphorum community – in the format of an online workshop. We will start the year with two of this type of webinar:

  • 10thJanuary: Announcing our most recent development: the Metaphorum Operations Group (MPH Ops). Krishan Mathis is launching our strategy to offer a VSM certification service developed by expert VSM trainers and coaches within our community. We invite all our members interested in participating in this initiative to join us.
  • 31stJanuary: We will begin the discussions on the VSM and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO)s, one of the topics agreed in Manchester to develop ‘Special Interest Groups’ on topics of interest to our community.   It will be led by Michael Zargham, who will be sharing his experience of their DAO community, designed and run as a viable system. If you are interested in this workshop (which will start one of the special interest groups emerging from our Manchester Conference), please join us.
  1. b) The rest of the Webinars in this series will be invited researchers, opening new fields of exploration in cybernetics, hopefully inspiring further developments of Stafford’s theories.


We begin with Andrew Pickering, discussing Bateson’s insights and the environmental crisis.   This is followed by Pile Bunnell talking about the way language imposes constraints on how we perceive, think and act and the consequences for viability and ethical living, The semester ends with Peter Robinson discussing “The Sapient Paradox as the consequence of a cybernetical bifurcation in evolution.”

See the Webinar 2024 page for more information: