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Remembering David Beatty

Remembering David Beatty 19 August 1943 – 12 January 2024 from Allenna Leonard

Dr. David Beatty was among Stafford’s first friends and colleagues in Toronto and was instrumental in organizing his multi-university 1984 semester appointment that met at the McLuhan Centre at the University of Toronto and also organized the first Toronto pre-Syntegration experiment in the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse and its first complete event for the World Government Organization (with which he continued to be involved). He continued as one of the founding Board members of Team Syntegrity and remained involved in promoting and organizing Syntegrations.  During this time he also  held several university faculty appointments.  David also participated in several of the early Metaphorum Conferences – always with a focus on enabling young people. Most recently, he was part of the team designing and implementing Metaphorum’s e-Syntegration experiment during the pandemic, being part of Joe Truss’s Book of Codes team and a number of other activities from his base in the Netherlands. He will be much missed by the community.

More at https://metaphorum.org/in-memoriam