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From Viable Organizations to Viable Ecologies

January 31, 2024


We will begin the discussions on the VSM and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO)s, one of the topics agreed on at our last Metaphorum Conference in Manchester to develop ‘Special Interest Groups’ on topics of interest to our community.

It will be led by Michael Zargham, who will be sharing his experience of their DAO community, designed and run as a viable system. If you are interested in this workshop (which will start one of the special interest groups emerging from our Manchester Conference), please join us.b) The rest of the Webinars in this series will be invited researchers, opening new fields of exploration in cybernetics, hopefully inspiring further developments of Stafford’s theories.

Michael Zargham

Dr. M Zargham with “From Viable Organizations to Viable Ecologies”.

Recent Webinars

Sapient paradox - screenshot


The Sapient Paradox as the consequence of a cybernetical bifurcation in the evolution.

Dr. Peter Robertson

Why did humankind create such a moral and ecological mess of this world, and why have we done that for only about 10,000 years? This question might be related to the Sapient Paradox, which emerged after decades of archeological and neurophysiological research.

Metaphorum Webinar 03.04.2024 Pickering


Cybernetics and the Environmental Crisis

Professor Andrew Pickering

Foreshadowing the disasters of the Anthropocene, in the late 1960s Gregory Bateson developed a cybernetic analysis of the environmental crisis which was then starting to be recognised. He argued that its roots lay in dualist fantasies of control of nat …

Language as an enabling constraint


Language as an Enabling Constraint for Viability

Pille Bunnell

We are usually unaware that language imposes constraints on how we perceive, think and act, even as it is central to all that we do. What language enables is clearly apparent: all the cultures, technologies and designs we humans have created are ground …