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From systems to entrepreneurial ecosystemic organizations. Exploring Haier’s RenDanHeYi.

June 26, 2024


Emanuele Quintarelli will introduce RenDanHeYi, a truly decentralized organization concept.

After that, he and Krishan Mathis will explore in an interactive way how these concepts relate to the Viable System Model, and look for parallels and differences.


How can a global manufacturer with tens of thousands of employees not just survive but thrive in turbulent times? Guided by its CEO philosopher, the Chinese white goods appliance leader went through four decades of strategy, business, and organizational reinvention, rewriting everything we knew about management. 

Based on years of direct collaboration with Haier, Emanuele will conversate with Krishan to explore RenDanHeYi’s ability to get rid of hierarchical control, top-down people management, centralized budgeting, organizational bureaucracy, distance from the market. 

They will compare the foundational RenDanHeYi’s concepts with VSM pillars to show how more and more enterprises worldwide may embrace unprecedented levels of self-management, entrepreneurial initiative, customer centricity, diffused value sharing, and ecosystemic thinking.

Emanuele Quintarelli, Krishan Mathis

Emanuele Quintarelli

For the last 20 years, Emanuele has led global teams across sectors, cultures, and continents at the intersection of strategy, change, and technology to help large complex organizations become not just more efficient but especially more humane.

Well-versed in organization design and new organizational models, he’s a practitioner, trainer, and facilitator in Holacracy, Sociocracy, RenDanHeYi, and Whole Scale Change. His purpose is to let the full potential of humanity blossom through purposeful, adaptive, and ecoistic organizations.

Emanuele is currently Equity Partner and 3EO Micro-Enterprise Lead at Boundaryless. Quote: ” Making the world a better place, one organization at a time.”

Krishan Mathis

Krishan comes from a long background in Lean and Agile processes. He has worked as a consultant on transformation processes and organisational design for many corporations and SMEs and came to VSM this way.

He is currently working on putting the Viable System Model in context with other models and making it easier to understand. This involves training concepts and tools for representation and visualisation.

Krishan is involved with the Metaphorum Ooperations group, focussing on building a community of practice for VSM trainers.

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