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Stafford Beer explains Syntegration (extract from full video linked below)

Full video Stafford Beer on Viability, Autopoesis and Syntegration – video recording in 1994 .. Syntegration as a way to strengthening the 3-4 communication> . Discussion about Syntegration starts at around the 32 minute mark.

Stafford Beer The Falcondale Video Collection

From workshop to syntegration

Stafford Beer’s Syntegration as a Renascence of the Ancient Greek Agora in Present-day Organizations by Gunter Nittbaur (Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen, Switzerland)

The Massey Lectures – Designing Freedom Recording Series

The Massey Lectures – Designing Freedom Recording Lecture 1


Stafford Beer’s life

Viable System Model

A short introduction into the Viable System Model and a few Videos with Stafford Beer to get started.


An event format called a Syntegration, normally oriented for collective and participatory decision making on crucial issues for organisational identity, development or policy implementation.


The Cybersyn project, started 1971 under Salvador Allende, aimed to steer the economy of Chile using cybernetic principles. The project aimed to acquire the benefits of cybernetic synergy for the whole industry, while developing power for the workers at the same time.


Recordings of lectures and presentation over the years


Poetry was one of his Stafford Beer’s loves; he had a good grasp of Anglo-Saxon and would read from Chaucer, pointing out the contemporary parallels.

In Memoriam

In memory of friends and fellow cybernetics who are no longer with us



Angela Espinosa interviews people with personal knowledge of Stafford Beer. Interviews on YouTube.