About Metaphorum



Our Mission

Metaphorum is an NGO initially created by some of Stafford’s closest collaborators to continue developing his legacy. Metaphorum is an open society that provides a structure that enables its members to associate and work together to further their interest in sharing and developing their work and ideas. Metaphorum’s areas of interest include but are not limited to: the theory and practice of systems and managerial cybernetics, and specifically preserving and developing the work of Stafford Beer. This site is a work in progress that aims to offer an integrated platform where we can continue our discussions, offer a repository of information and news of interest for the Metaphorum community and allow improved communication among its members.

Short Metaphorum History

Metaphorum was established in 2003 as an NGO to develop Stafford Beer’s legacy. Metaphorum has organized a series of conferences and workshops over the years, where a growing number of interested people have joined and presented research and publications related to organizational cybernetics. The Metaphorum webpage as well as the Metaphorum Listserv were subsequently created to disseminate information and allow the communication and discussion among members.  Metaphorum has also collaborated with the Cwarel Isaf Institute at different levels to promote its work.



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