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Dear Metaphorum members


E-Syn 2030

A group of Metaphorum members (Allenna Leonard, David Beatty, Stephan Verveen, Jon Walker, Peter Tuddenham and Angela Espinosa) met regularly from July to December 2020 to design a protocol for an online ‘Syntegration type of event’ (we are calling it E-Syn 2030). The experiment was intended to co-create an approach/methodology for an online type of Syntegration that we hope could be later deployed at scale and speed. We hope to be able to share what we learn with people everywhere in an Open Source spirit. We are very pleased we announced this experiment, we went ahead with the planned E-Syn 2030. We received enough registrations to proceed with a full infoset.

What follows is a broad introduction to the approach, methodology and agenda.  We will announce in this webpage details of the forthcoming events and results from the experiment

During the experiment, we will address the following opening question:

How can Metaphorum and its members capture the learning from

the current crisis to best contribute to the radical shifts that society has to make rapidly ?

We ran E-Syn 2030 during January 2021. All sessions were online, in Zoom. There follows detail of the agenda.

E-Syn2030.  Project overview


 Given  the number of participants registered, we will ran a full Syntegration type of event

The fees for participation to this event, covered the costs of licences, new software, processing outcomes, and tools to support the process to be shared by all interested Metaphorum members who participated in this project.  Any surplus money will be used to develop the web site and other Metaphorum activities to provide an enhanced collaboration platform for this learning community.

As this is an action research project, we were able as a result of the experiment, both to have an in- depth experience in an online event inspired in main Syntegration’s principles and protocol; to learn jointly about the opening question; and to reflect and continue learning on the suggested protocol and tools, to continue improving it for future events. After the experiment, those interested are invited to continue reflecting and developing the ESyn 2030.

E-Syn2030.  Project Results

The organizing team used sched.com to manage the schedule and to communicate with the participants.  The Info and FAQ page created on sched.com has been re-created here and edited now the event is over.    It contains much of the information communicated to participants, along with results and vide recordings.



Project overview


December 21st 2020Warm welcome .  

       Zoom and MIRO training (for those requiring it)


Wednesday Jan 6th,  


 5-6  pm                    Opening Plenary.   Describe SIs and process.


(Asynchronously)           All info-set members place SIs as post-its on   


                                  Initial SI’s grouping


Thurs,        4  pm            Clustering.

Jan 7th        4.30 pm       Boundaries, Hosts, Titles

3 hrs            5 pm             Vote 1 .  Select 18 SIs

                      5.30 pm        Organisers timetable 18 Zoom meetings

                     6 – 7 pm        First 9 Zoom meetings.  3 streams.  20 mins.


Friday,         4  pm          Plenary.

Jan 8th        4.15 pm       Last 9 Zoom meetings.  3 streams.  20 mins

4 hrs             5.15 pm       Hosts upload CSIs and Titles on Miro

                       5.30 pm       Vote 2 .  Select final 12 SIs

                       5.45 pm       Organisers allocate colours to Topics.

                                             Lottery sheet preparation.      

                      6.15pm          Lottery

                       7:15 -8 pm   Trading struts



Weekend        Organisers publish Topic group details ,  members and critics, and timetable for the following week.


Monday,     1.45  pm         Plenary.

Jan 11th           2 pm           Meetings 1 and 2   ( 50 mins + 10 min changeover)

6 hrs           3 pm                 Meetings 3 and 4

                        4 pm                   Meetings 5 and 6  

          5 pm                   Meetings 7 and 8

                     6 pm                  Meetings 9 and 10

                        7 – 8 pm             Meetings 11 and 12       


Tuesday Jan 12th          

                    2pm  to  8 pm        Iteration 2 as Monday


Wed.day     2pm                     Iteration 3.  (40 mins + 5 min c/over)

Jan 13th       6.30 pm               Preparation for presentations

                        7 pm                     12  5 minute presentations

                       8 pm                     30  1 minute reflections

                         8.30                      Closing

                  after 8:30.                  Social Evening


The E-Syn 2030 Project began with planning in June of 2020. An invitation to members was sent and also added to the web site.