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Metaphorum 2024 – Trainers Day

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Wednesday September 18th will be an exclusive VSM Trainer’s Day.

This will be a community event for experienced and upcoming VSM trainers. It is an all day event, so please make sure you can stay the whole day.#

Bosch Digital | Bosch IoT Campus
Ullsteinstr. 128
12109 Berlin

Google Maps

Please note: A conference ticket is required to purchase the extra day. If you have not registered at all you need to buy in the next step the conference ticket and the Trainer’s Day ticket.

We are much looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin!

Preliminary Agenda

09.00Welcome, check-in and agenda 
09.15The Metaphorum VSM-Trainer
Why?How to become a VSM-Trainer?Benefits for a VSM-TrainerHow we plan to support Practitioners/Coaches/DesignersFinancials
Repetition to get everybody on the same page. Presentation of the current plan.
10:20VSM-Coach Trainings
How do we maintain minimum Quality? (Criteria for trainings, customer feedbacks, reviews by MPH)E-Trainings and/or physical presence?Process before and after a training
Presentation and discussion
11:00Example Training Martin Pfiffner
ContentCombination with other methodsTeaching Tools, Didactics and ProgramExperiences
By Martin with discussion
14:00Example Training Angela Espinosa
ContentCombination with other methodsTeaching Tools, Didactics and ProgramExperiences
By Angela with discussion
15:50Communities of Practice
CoP VSM-Coaches/DesignersCoP VSM-Trainers
How do we share experience and materials
16.30What happens next? 
17.00 Check-out, closing