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A Back of the Envelope Definition of Sufism
A Case for Irony (Jonathan Lear)
A collaboration around the VSM
A collaboration with the VSM
A comment out of the blue
A common tale: flood risks, development greed & leaking reports
A comparison of an FB space and a Paskian conversation
A concise, brilliantly written and inspirational summary of what Cybernetics and ‘the human use of human beings’ is about
A consideration once more of Linkedin
A Cybernetic Approach to the Modeling of Agent Communities
A cybernetic island in second life?
A dedication to the memory of Stafford Beer
A different history lesson
A Different Sort of Summing Up
A Dimly Cybernetic Religious Creed
A distopic cybernetic future
A Document Sharing Site
A fishy story!
A further note on fractals and cybernetics
A historic moment in the Arab world (TED, 1 March 2011)
A History of Cybernetics on Steroids
A Just Society
A List of Possible Solutions for the Energy and Climate Change Crisis
A local viable restaurant (was RE: Informative Blog)
A long but worthwhile read!
A Monday morning reflection on online conversations
A new mantra for the forum
A new player around the VSM
A New Star VSMist
A New Take on Morphism (Was Morphic Xmas)
A note on Culture, Cybernetics and relevance for Sustainability
A note on Morphic Resonnance (Re: Robots and drones)
A panel on management cybernetics for the IEEE conf. on N. Wiener
A Paskian reflection on Syntegration (RE: Pask and Beer – some theoretical issue of sharing)
A Please to All Members of This List
A Please to All Members of This List – One attempt to answer
A possible idea
A problem with the CollaborationNets
A problem with the Stafford Beer website
A problem with the UCD-STAFFORDBEER list
A Quality of Life Gamechanger
A Question about VIM (July)
A Question about VIM (Corrected) (July)
A Question about VSM (Aug)
A Question about VSM (Corrected) (Aug)
A Question about VSM (Corrected) – organisation and structure
A request !
A request about the VSM cooperation
A request around the VSM !
A request: any “correlation” of the Demming’s approach
A side note to measurement, mapping and exchange
A slightly different perspective of Cii 2011
A small point
A Stafford Article + VSM
A Stafford Article + VSM: Entropy, life, death, critical rationalism and later in the bar
A System Dynamics look at a sustainable technology vehicle and John Perkins
A systems approach to Pakistan Flood Crisis
A Theory Comes of Age
A thing is what it does (purpose)
A thing is what it does (SB)
A thing is what it does (SB) – Japan
A thing is what it does (SB) (the point of conversation)
A very inconvenient truth
A very interesting account of an economic model incorporating entropy
A word of advice…
A/Prof. Steven Keen on Bank Failure
Abel prize in mathematics
About an Integration of the VSM with Oracle
About Socio-Cybernetics
About Tails (was Re: Ten page reflections of Harrison Owen – Systemic Thinking vs thinking about systems
Above and below (Stafford on ultimate knowledge)
Absorption capacity barrier’
Acabo de Unirme a Buenas Tareas
Accident ontology RE: System failure
Accidents and information and energy and physics
Accidents and information and energy and physics (safety reporting)
Accountability – Call to action and reflection on the identity the forum
Accounting revolution: 3* recognised by industry
Ackoff group on linkedin
Ackoff Video
Actuality, Capability, Potentiality – Performance!
Actuality, Capability, Potentiality (Was: Baynes)
Adaptation and Global Warming
Add Ray Wilkes please
Addition to SUO topic
Addition to the list
Additional name
Adidtions to List
Admin. Support Question
Advisor for President Obama
Af-Pak war and much more…
After all the hope and all the hype…
Against gun control videos
Aged 26 – the Environment/Sustainability (Re: the girl who silenced the world for five minutes)
Agreement and Justice- a project management approach
Air safety again
Air Safety: Nothing But Blue Skies?
Airline safety
Al Gore’s petition for Bali in December 2007
Al Naqshbandi Order
Alanna Mitchell – Sea Sick wins Grantham Proze
Alex Wissner-Gross on TED.com
Algal fuels: oilgae!
Algedonics (Re: Predicting Adaptive Behavior With the Viable System Model)
Algedonics as recursion bootstrapping – return to Wikileaks
Algedonics: Measuring happiness
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
Alternative Economic Cultures (Prof Manuel Castells , BBC Radio 4)
Amazing – Escher and Bach
Amazing Insect Images
Amazing pictures
Amazon disrupts the cosy world of corporate ICT
Ambassador Joergen Oerstroem Moeller.(Interview)
American Cybernetics Society comes to Bolton July 31 – August 1st
American System of Government
America’s Decline (LNL interview)
Amity (Re: Pask and de Zeeuw)
Amity and things (Re: Pask and de Zeeuw)
An Algedonic Meter!
An alternative history
An Argument for a Balanced Approach to Climate Change
An Ecology of Mind (Bateson)
An Ecology of Mind (Bateson) Conference Details
An Ecology of Mind movie event with Nora Bateson at UCD
An end to Secret Bank Accounts?
An idea, split up the inventory of the CofC books-S.Carlton
An interesting message…
An Open Letter to Obama
An opportunity for cyberneticians
An UnconSCiOus VSM Treatise
An urgent request!
Analyses the motion of the world past the eyes …
Analysis Iran War
Anatomical Travelogue
And now for something completely different
Andrew Pickering(Re: New Book)
Andy Bilson – paper and interest in Metaphorum
Andy Pickering on pond life
Anecdote – Stuart Kauffman
Anecdote – von Neumann, Wiener and McCulloch
Anecdote (plus ca change….)
Angela Merkel, VSM and Global events
Animals eating tails (Re: do electric sheep dream?)
Announce: “Systems Concepts In Evaluation: An Expert Anthology”
Announcement – 3rd Cwarel Isaf Conference on Management Cybernetics taking place from October 21st to 22nd 2010
Announcement – Kent Myers
Announcement – Metaphorum Conference December 2010
Announcement (Following the event at Scarborough)
Announcement about Metaphorum events this summer
Annuncement – Sociocybernetics – meeting in Krakow – June 2011
Another Blind Man?
Another short intro to Cybernetics from whom I wonder?
Another Video /Beer VSM Basis
Answer to your question (Re: Use of models – VSM and SSM)
Anti hierarchical social theory
Antw: Re: Reflections on participation
Any assistance on this?
Any progress with Cybernetics of Cybernetics?
Anybody familiar with this book?
Anybody familiar with this book? poverty conflict and algedonics
Anyone Heard of Kent D. Palmer??
Anyone heard of??
Apes or humans
Apollo’s Arrow
Apologies to Russell
Application of Stafford’s ideas
Archetypal Theoretical Construct
Archive – Metaphorum site
Are you a chimpanzee or a bonobo? « Steve Grand’s Blog
Are you a chimpanzee or a bonobo? « Steve Grand’s Blog -Maturana
Areas That Could Benefit fromr Cybernetics
Arithmetic kills… (the notion of continuous growth)
Around the Metaphorum
Around the Self-Controlling software
Around the VSM of Stafford Beer
Ars Electronica 2011
Art and climate change
Art in the ge of the post-internet
Art+science project about autopoiesis
Artes Espaciales / Regina de Miguel (es) …
Arthur: “Friendly Fire!”
Article – how research programmes do or do not develop
Article on evolution of the Web
Article on ‘new zeitgeist’
Artificial life formation
ASC Archive on You Tube
ASC Competition
ASC Competition and the Middle East
Ashby and the environment
Ashby and The Second Law
Ashby Archive
Ashby exercise
Ashby on Pain and Pleasure
Ashby’s “Design for a Brain” now oline
Ashby’s original quote on ‘information tight’
Ashby’s original quote on ‘information tight’- correction
Asimov’s Psychohistory and Reality Mining
Ass Kick’n Obama wants to know who … Can VSM help him?
Assange speaking with David Frost
Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks (TED, July 2010)
Assange? infrastructure and technology
Assange? Julian Assange Captured by World’s Dating Police
Associative Democracy
Athenaeum essay on Stafford by Peter Kawalek
Attenuation or Filter
Attitude parsing over the Internet
Aubin (1991): Viability theory
Aussies and the Promised Land
Aussie’s!!!(Re: Co-emerging Coalitions)
Aust tax review: 3 dimensions for crisis noted
Austerity – From Wigan Pier to Global Revolutions (LNL)
Australia receives oil spill report (Re: Gulf Geoplatform Site)
Autoimmune therapy
Automation, cybernetics, and industrial revolutions
Automation, cybernetics, and industrial revolutions (& now)
Autonomy Singularity Creativity: New Project Website
Autonomy, autopoiesis and organizational closure
Autonomy, evolution, emergence and human meaning
Autopoiesis and information flows
Autopoiesis and philosophical tradition
Avaaz: Kick’n Butt! (linked to syntegrity & online)
Avatar ( Re: Eno interview)
Avatar movie
Avatar: An Apology
AW: AW: Clive (Re: Hitler and the iPad)
AW: Breaking Out of Path dependency
AW: Clive (Re: Hitler and the iPad)
AW: Come on guys (Re: The Greenhouse Conspiracy Revisited)
AW: Metaphorum & Sustainable development
AW: Mind Control Device
AW: The VSM (Re: Kseniya Simonova)
Awful Trip



Back to basics – what is our group for?
Back to Basics (wasVSM and Team Syntegrity)
Backtracking to the global village (on McLuhan)
Balanced anarchy – James Burke
Ballyhea, Ireland – grass roots protests. Systems thinking (??)
Banality of evil (vs eudemony?)
Bank and Government crisis
Banking “Technocrats” Undermine Democracy (RealNews)
Barclays and LIBOR
Barclays and LIBOR – A Side Comment on Web conventions
Barclays and LIBOR (just a reply to Trevor)
Barely Bioluminescent Beings are we!
Barry Clemson: “Another Financial Crisis on the Way”
Barry Clemson: “European Activists Against Economic Growth” (CommonDreams.org)
Barry Clemson: “Report: Biodiversity Loss Puts Essentials of Life Under Threat” (CommonDreams.org)
Barry Clemson: “Rising Energy Demand Hits Water Scarcity ‘Choke Point’ ” (CommonDreams.org)
Barry Clemson: “Russia’s Agony a “Wake-Up Call” to the World” (CommonDreams.org)
Baryy Clemson: New Web Site
Bateson – ‘The pattern which connects’ (Re: Ashby and the environment)
Baynes & Cullen
BBC iPlayer – A Brief History of Double Entry Book-keeping Episode 1
BBC iPlayer – Radio 4 Thinking Allowed
Beautiful Zoom…
Beer down under ..
Beer’s VSM Found Isomorphic With Taleb’s Triad
Before the Big Bang
Before the Big Bang – Russell
Behind beyond
Beliefs from the Model-Dependent Realists
Benefits of VSM for management
Benson’s Interpretation Game
Bert Rutan critiques Global warming- Lovelock changes mind?
Bert Rutan critiques Global warming- Lovelock changes mind? (plus Ozone hole)
Best way to rob a bank is to own one
Beyond behind
Beyond boom and bust
Beyond Expanding Coverage, NECSI’s (Simple) Complex Systems Fix for American Health Care
Big Brother
Big Brother – the Web and VSM – point of clarification
Big Brother vs enabling network systems
Big Data, Cybernetics, Machines of Loving Grace and Stafford
Big History Project
Bill Moyer on systemic problems
Biological computers
Biology of belief
biology of cognition (Re: Stafford on ultimate knowledge)
Birthday Memorium
Bit of debate –
Bit of info
Bits not atoms? Atoms are the new bits!
Bjørn Lomborg @ COP15
Blind spots to the right
Blindspots and “Midnight”
Blindspots for our startings…….
Blunders that led to the banking crisis
Blunders that led to the banking crisis – tools and models
Bob Diamond and Peter Higgs – A Tale of our Times
Bob Wootton founds Millennium Party website on VSM methods
Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with music
Bodihood Dynamics (was subsidiarity)
Bogus Tale of Allenna Leonard Being in Peril
Book – “Systems Thinking for Curious Managers”
Book – “The Cybernetic Brain”
Book – ‘Cybernetic Revolutionaries’, by Eden Medina
Book by Michael Jackson (not the one with the glove): Systems Thinking: Creative Holism for Managers
Book on Maturana
Book Recommendation – The Cybernetic Brain
Book reviews – Journal, Systemic Practice and Action research
Books for Sale
Books for Sale – Update
Books Ngram Viewer
Boris – fascinating programme on Chile
Boris – mine is bigger than your’s – a morality tale!
Bouncing ideas with you
Boundaries and Fuzzy Logic (Was: Lots of Other Sub Subjects)
Boundaries to physics ‘Atom’
Boundary conditions (Re: closed system and organisational closure …)
Bourbaki, DHJ Polymath and ‘blogsourcing’
Bourgeois Pseudoscience- nous?
Braess’s paradox
Brain – body systems memory linkages
Brain – Synaptic Network
Brain Beautiful Minds
Brain Reflextion and Reflection
Brain stroke story
Brain Works
Brains, Lead and the Law
Brains, Lead and the Law (& NOI)
Breaking Out of Path dependency
Brian Eno
Brian Eno on Brain
Bricks and things
Bricks, things and other arguments
Bricks, things and other arguments – Certainties
BRICS, World Bank, Syria.
Bridging gaps to other societies
BSHS outreach grants
Bush’s legacy (a Global meltdown?)
Businessman-facing navigation



Call for “Strategic Doing” Proposals. Get Involved!
Call for Nominations for AOM Editors
Call for papers – “Autopoiesis, Systems Thinking and Systemic Practice: the contribution of Francisco Varela”
Call for papers – Special issue on metatheory
Call For Papers: Arts, Humanities, Complex Networks — a Leonardo satellite symposium
Call for papers: Mini conference on social systems theory and Europe, CES Montreal April 2010
Call to action and reflection on the identity of the forum
Call to action and reflection on the identity the forum
Can brands save biodiversity?
Can VSM Fill the Legal Gap?
Can VSM Fill the Legal Gap? (performative in dissemination of ideas)
Can VSM Fill the Legal Gap? (post-enightenment?)
Can VSM Fill the Legal Gap? (post-enightenment?) (VSM and global)
Candace Pert
Capitalist fools
Captain Brain Explorer
Captains of Cabins: Globalisation & Governance
Carapace’ in the work of Pask
Carapace’ in the work of Pask: TYPO (Joe)
Carbon sequestering update
Carlota Perez
Carnival Culture
Cascading failure
Case Study: Cybernetics@work?
Casimir force
Catching Fire: how cooking made us human
Category mistake
CBC — Slime mould mimics Tokyo’s railway
CFP Varieties of Contemporary Second-Order Cybernetics
CFP: Composing Conferences: Exploring Alternatives to the Traditional Conference Format
Changing configurations of global economy
Changing Contours of Global Order’ (Chomsky, 4th Nov)
Changing Our Language
Changing Our Language – values
Changing world scene
Chaos and order
Charla sobre cybersyn / lecture about cybersyn
Charlotte Iserbyt & education systems
Checkers checking checkers (FDIC charges three Washington Mutual execs)
Checking list
Checkland and Beer (Re: information vs information flow …)
Chile jails death squad officers: justice?
Chile launches probe into president’s death
Chile Quake
Chile Quake. Message from Max neef
China – Martin Jacques
Chinese Ecological Potemkin Village?
Chiropractic Visits & Organisational Anthropology
Chomsky (Contours of Global Order: Domination, Instability, and Xenophobia in a Changing World)
Chomsky ‘Never seen anything like this’
Chomsky on Middle East with a note on the Internet
Chomsky on Middle East with a note on the Internet (+ Scholten on Good regulation)
Chomsky puts the boot in: Plutonomy and the precariat
Chronicles of Wizard Prang
CII – St Gallen
CII – St Gallen (Boris & Vladimir)
Cii St Gallen 2011
Cii St Gallen 2011 – Nick
Cii St Gallen 2011 – Pask
Cii St Gallen 2011 (Joe)
Cinema refreshments…….
Client Benefits from Cybernetic “Secrets”
Climate Change
Climate Change and Democracy
Climate Change and Executive Incentives
Climate Change and the Tipping Point
Climate Change Authority Admits Mistakes
Climate Change Data Dumped by University of East Anglia
Climate change threatens world’s oceans (acidification, dead zones, overfishing)
Climate Chief Staying Put Despite Calls for His Head
Climate I: Is the debate over?
Climategate – (Warranted Knowledge)
ClimateGate – from Russia with Love
ClimateGate & UN
Climategate (ETS)
ClimateGate (Peter Taylor)
ClimateGate (skepticism & denial & farting cows & ants)
ClimateGate (skepticism & denial & farting cows)
ClimateGate (skepticism and denial)
Climategate (The Chilling Stars)
Climategate -from The Register “Biting the hand that feeds IT”
Clive (Re: Hitler and the iPad)
Clive (Re: Hitler and the iPad) + Note on World GDP
Closed and organisationally closed (Re: The world is deterministic)
closed system and organisational closure
Closed system and organisational closure (Re: Autopoiesis and …)
Clouds and climate change
Co Production (was HOPE 2010: Crisis, Catharsis, Renewal)
CODELCO and metaphorum
Co-emerging Coalitions
Coerced Capitalism
Coerced Capitalism & a ‘Happy Valley’
Coerced Capitalism ==> Extreme Capitalism?
Co-evolution (Re: Control versus Influence …)
Coevolution (Re: Emergence)
Cognition and behaviour
Cohesion and Airframe safety
Co-Intelligence Institute
Coloquio BVAM / Resistencia y Tecnología …
Columbia circle game
Come on guys (Re: The Greenhouse Conspiracy Revisited)
Come on guys! (identity)
Comments to a Metaphorum presentation
Comments to the Metaphorum Report
Commercial opportunity – North West UK
Common Meaning
CommonDreams.org: Climate Change Deniers Without Borders
Comms and collaboration tool
Complementary Currencies [Re: The blind leading the blind…]
Complex Adaptive Systems
Complex Adaptive Systems CAS
Complexity – definitions
Complexity – Stuart Kauffman on Economic Wealth and Innovation
Complexity and VSM
Complexity vs Faster is better..
Complexity, formal systems and living systems
Complexity,KM & OL
Computational Security
Computer judge
Computing a Reality – von Foerster 1973
Concrete proposal
Concrete proposal (university course cybernetics)
Conf. in Norlway in April 2014, close to Beer’s work
Conf. in Norway, April 2014
Conference available on YOUTUBE
Conference in St Gallen
Confidential: WCSA Declaration of Bologna 4 Dec 2010
Confusion to do with REPLIES
Congratulations on Book, Paul
Connected or Connected??
Connected or Connected??: technical & human
Connectivity/comms (Re: Call to action and reflection on the identity the forum)
ConSCiOus control of neurons
ConSCiOusness & Info theory
Consensuality (Re: AW: Breaking Out of Path dependency)
Constructal Theory – as good a Law as ReqVariety
Constructor theory (David Deutsch – Edge.org)
Contemporary brain science
Contest entry has been drafted
Context for human social interaction – a Monday morning Roger rant – keep clear all but the most foolhardy!!
Context of the work of Stafford Beer
Continual Improvement – not benchmarking – was system failure
Continued dialogue on VSM and ‘virtual protocols’ for engagement and action (Re: Some New Year thoughts on VSM)
Contract Monitoring
Control – needed or evolving
Control and the Law of requsite variety
Control and the Law of requsite variety]
Control in a Company
Control of forum activity
Control of forum activity – start of a diagnosis
Control versus Influence #Re: Mind Control Device#
Control versus Influence (Re: Mind Control Device)
Controlling networks
Controlling the web
Conversation Theory and Communication
Conversation Theory and Communication – a note on individual
Conversation Theory and Communication – Listserve
Conversational dynamics
Conversational flow? (triggered by “Love in management”)
Converting the Preachers
Coolest internet experience you ever saw
Copenhagen Invitation.
Copenhaguen petition
Copper the new gold?
Cornell Computational Synthesis Laboratory
Corporate “personhood”
Correction: (John Waters, RV (Re: The application of ideas and models – a cautionary note))
Corruption control (nee toxic loans, moans and groans …)
Cosmology (we think)
COST Actions
Could Cybernetics Help the incoming-Obama Administration Steer the Right Course
Coursera Class
Create from System 4, hold 3 Stable enough to make the jump
Crisis of capitalism? – Trinity of decay
Crowd control
CRS Conference on ‘Conflict and Complexity’
CSIRO global foresight project (March 2010)
CT and SWS
Current affairs – revolutions
Current affairs – revolutions (Golems)
Cut off point
Cutting off tails…..
Cwarel Isaf in October
Cyb and provision of social services
CYBCOM- held?
CYBCOM still not right Stewart
Cybenrntics – the human use of human beings
Cyber self-defence versus cyber terrorism – Estonia (… ‘The virtual revolution’)
Cyberethical matters
Cyberethics Do Matter
Cybernetic Approach video
Cybernetic Drivel
Cybernetic Fabric
Cybernetic fabric (Re: Closed system and … autopoiesis)
Cybernetic Filters
Cybernetic genesis
Cybernetic machines
Cybernetic Primer for the Hardheaded (Not necessarily the Hardhearted)
Cybernetic Revolutionaries
Cybernetic State
Cybernetic Study Sources
Cybernetics – infrastructure and blind spot
cybernetics – infrastructure and blindspot
Cybernetics – the (not too) darkside?
Cybernetics – the darkside?
Cybernetics – the darkside?- small corrections
Cybernetics – the emancipation of all, identity of each
Cybernetics – the emancipation of all, identity of each – the VSM
Cybernetics & “The Will of the People” By Stafford Beer
Cybernetics and Safety
Cybernetics and Social Physics- latest from Javier
Cybernetics and Social Services Delivery
Cybernetics and Society
Cybernetics and unemployment
Cybernetics and use of models
Cybernetics as meta discipline
Cybernetics History
Cybernetics in the UK Govt
Cybernetics is much more popular among youth than we think
Cybernetics of cybernetics
Cybernetics of cybernetics – response to Stefan Wasilewski
Cybernetics of Cybernetics – volumes
Cybernetics of cybernetics (autism)
Cybernetics of cybernetics (religious systems and systems)
Cybernetics of Cybernetics books
Cybernetics of Cybernetics Competition
Cybernetics of Cybernetics in Practice
Cybernetics of cybernetics: Specialized Channel(s)
Cybernetics Social Services Provision
Cybernetics Society Annual Conference Saturday September 12th King’s College, London
Cybernetics Society Conference Sept 12
Cybernetics Society Conference September 12th
Cybernetics Society Symposium 2011 24th September
Cybernetics vs. Status Quo
Cybernetics VSM and Object Oriented Programming
Cybernetics, History and Origins (1994) Conference by Stafford Beer
Cybernetics, safety & art@work
Cybernetics, the Superscience Video
Cybernetics, the Super-science Video
Cybernetics. What else?
Cybernetics-of-Stafford -Beer
Cybernetics-of-Stafford-Beer site
Cybernetics-society Wikispace
Cybersyn catalogue
Cybersyn in El Pais, Spain
Cybersyn in spanish press
Cybersyn in the Karlsrue
cybersyn in Wired magazine
Cybersyn information links
Cybersyn interviews web site
Cybersyn interviews: web site, solution andremarks on Minsky’s latest
Cybersyn investigation (www.cybersn.cl) – activate website
CyberSyn Network
Cybersyn project documentary film
Cybersyn video
Cyberworlds in September at Bradford
CybSoc Conference 2014
CybSoc Saturday September 11th 2010
Cycles & Socio-cultural dynamics
Cynefin and Vester?? (Re: The Wisdom of Clouds)



Damascean moments
Damascean moments – Alfredo
Dan Trietsch
Dangerously Vague Cybersecurity Legislation Threatens Civil Liberties
DARPA strategic plan report
Darwinian models and technology
Das is not good: post-crash stagnation
Data about social media
Dave Snowden
David Agus on TED – the end of illness
David Bohm – YouTube
David Cameron: The next age of government (TED, Feb 2010)
David Harvey: The Crises of Capitalism (Animated)
David Whittaker?
David Whittaker’s book “Think before your think: Social Complexity and Knowledge of Knowing”
Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris (& Faunce)
Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris talk about Gods followers
Dear Colleague Letter: Interdisciplinary Research across the SBE Sciences
Declaration of Economi cJustice
Deming Research Seminar – Call For Papers (2014)
Democracy – systems thinking – security
Democratic Participation
Democratic values (Re: The Rewarder – A Better Kind Of Bonus System)
Denis Adams offer
Denmark Rising (Barry Clemson)
Dennett on Varela
Dentists and lesson from Schrödinger’s cat (Re: the observer, the problem of measurement and the limits of physics)
Design for Conversations & Conversations for Design by Dr. Paul Pangaro
Design of the ICT Infrastructure of an Educational System (Using VSM)
Design principles for the design process
Design science and sustainabiliy
Designing Freedom
Designing Freedom is on the web
Designing With Nature in Social Innovation (A World of Possibilities)
Desire for cybernetics
Desperation in Europe (self-reinforcing &/or “recursive.”?)
Details of Books for Sale
Development Criticism
Deviant Globalization & Dominant Ideas
Dialectical computing in bricks
Dialogue (Re: Mad and bad, … the Queen and the VSM role she plays)
Did the Amsterdam Syntegration change my mind? (was Re: SWS …)
Difference between blogs, wikis and bulletin boards
Digital resources – Library
Discussion [RULES of this Forum]
Discussion Forum
Discussions on wiki
Distinction between biology and physics???
Distinction between feedback loops and circularities
Distributed cognition
Distributed intelligence
DNA nanonano
DNA Treasury of Maps
Do electric sheep dream?
Does this ring any bells?
Domains / Work Levels & ClimateGate & UN
Doppelgangers and finance
Doug – Maturana’s irritation
Doug Guthrie: Is Decentralization China’s Secret Sauce?
Doug Guthrie: Is Decentralization China’s Secret Sauce? – Notions of Viability and VSM
Doug McDavid is on vacation (in a conference).
Doug McDavid is on vacation.
Doug McDavid is on vacationing at !SSS 2008
Do-You-See-What-I-See (BBC 2011)
Dr. Paul Stokes wants you to see this item at Amazon.com
Dr. Wires
Dramatic map of January world temperatures (UAH/NASA)
Dramatic solar flare could disrupt communications (ABC)
Driving in VSM language
DVD of Francisco Varela



E8 A geometric theory of everything
Early Islam
Earth breach
Earth Game
Easy-to-read intro in Conversation Theory by Graham Barnes
Eating the world
eBooks, Kindle and stuff
ECM from Gordon Brown’s aeroplane caused B777 Heathrow glitch?
Economics, learning systems and Ashby
Economy – circulated among my group in China
Economy and Money
e-Deliberation has been retired
Edge 343 – Geoffrey West and Ai Weiwei
Education, conversation & grading
Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet
Effectiveness of scattered meetings of syntegration
Egypt and the Idealist-Realist Debate in U.S. Foreign Policy | STRATFOR
Eliminating requirement for explicitly working model
Elizabeth May’s Notes: And Now to Discuss Those Hacked Emails
Email contact for Martin Willemsen?
Email Discussion List
Emergence and VSM (Lessons from considerations of the brain, VSM and the Web)
Emergence in Atto Zepto and Yoctoseconds
Emergence of ‘wholes’
Enabling mobile apps
Enchantment and technology – R. Buckminster Fuller
Engineering and ‘hope’ (Re: Promoting “Systems Think”)
English pronunciation of “proc”
English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout
En-memoria (newrelease/pueblonuevo/25.06.07/g2)
Eno interview
Enrique Rivera
Entrainment and Self Organisation
Entropy and dumbing
Envisioning the Future of Technology
EOE – Soros WIIFM -G20 Failure / New Economics in the Classic Mode
Episode 2, An African Journey, Jonathan Dimbleby
Epoch Times on Malik
Erasing info produces heat
Ern(Re: Wikileaks: The-Whistleblower (Julian Assange))
Ernst von Glasersfeld
Erotica or Pornography?
Ervin Laszlo on the Sun and 2012
Essential reading (Re: Great Cybersyn Allende Beer Site)
Essential Variables
Essential variables of flight
Este Miércoles: Lanzamiento Concurso Juan Downey + …
Ethics (Re: Dramatic map of January world temperatures (UAH/NASA))
Eudemony and control theory (Stafford Beer and William Powers)
Even more Wikileaks
Even more Wikileaks (& the raw prawn)
Even more Wikileaks (& the twitter)
Event – Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela
Event in Berlin about cybersyn
Every molecule of carbon counts
Everything You Need to Know About Wikileaks
Example of the eye and the sensation of seeing (Re: Information closure)
Examples – incorporation of cybernetic ideas inpractice
Existential problem for the accountancy profession (was Re: Oops! (Re: Book Recommendation – The Cybernetic Brain))
Exoskeleton update
Experiences in Second Life
Experiential focus
Experimenting democracy and participation
Extension of Deadline for submitting to the 1st International eParticipation conference (ePart) 2009
Extradition of Julian Assange (ABC Interview)
Eyes On The Hood



Facebook and shared white space – Doug and Russell
Facebook and shared white space (conversation as change of state of protagonists)
Facebook and Web – syntax and semantics (apologies to Vladimir)
Facebook for governing
Facebook Pages Of Possible Interest
Faculty positions in management at George Washington University
Failure notice
Failure notice (now criminality)
Fantastic paper
Fantastic transformation of data into information
Faster is better!!
Faster is better……sometimes
Faulty Deviation from the VSM
Favorite things of beauty
Fear and trembling (Re: VSM and Web)
Feedforward yet again
Film – “The Tree of Life”
Film- Offshore Banking
Film- Offshore Banking- now climate
Filters for Obama web site
Finagling the Return to St. Gallen in 2009
Final Call for Papers for EGOV 2008
Financial crisis
Financial Crisis & Cybernetics
Financial sector vs sytem (Re: # 2 – EOE – Soros WIIFM -G20 Failure / New Economics in the Classic Mode
Finnegan’s Wake
Fireflies and fishponds etc
Fireflies and fishponds etc – complexity
First and Second Order Cybernetics
First and Second Order Cybernetics – maps and models
First steps to inorganic life
Five Things the Petraeus Affair Teaches Us About Online Surveillance
Fixing Systems not Symptoms – was Call to Action
Flash Mob
Flight 1951 crash at Schiphol
Flight Safety Essential Variables
Flight software testing
Flying over the Earth at night
Food for Thought…
For Nick – “self aware particles and hydrodynamic memory”
For Nick re UHF
For Nick re UHF (sub-ELF!)
For Nick’s Earh/Moon enclosing wave
For security reasons?
Foresight & crowd sourcing – an opportunity
Forgetting in the cerebral cortex
Formal Models and Digital Disorder
Formal social structure – Luc
Forthcoming Special Issues in Systemic Practice and Action Research
Foundations of Cybernetics
Four Days in May
Fractal Icosahdron
Fractal Organisatons
Fractals and cutting tails
Fractals and VSM
Francisco Varela
Francisco Varela DVD
Frank – visit to Manchester
Frank (Re: The War on Terror – a lesson in requisite variety?)
Frank Furedi
Frank Furedi (& Dr Arthur Herman)
Frank’s problem – our problem
Free university course about Cybernetics
Freefall: free markets and the sinking of the global economy (Joseph Stiglitz)
Freeman Dyson on Charlie Rose last week
Freeman Dyson talking on the control of errors and the Origin of Life
Frequency of word use
Freud and VSM
From Beyond Dispute to SuperSyntegration
From Enron to Nws International, a case of corporate ethics
From Greek Tragedy to Italian Opera?
From prediction to observation?
From quarry to call centre …. a workers’ paradise?
From the field of asteroseismology – star sounds
Further (interesting article)
Further thoughts on recursion (Re: Recursion LEVEL….)
Future of the Internet Report
Futures – 10-terabit self assembled memory
Futures – Wireless brain computer
FuturIcT EU Flagship initiative “Unleashing the power of information for a sustainable future”
Futurist Richard Watson – interview
FW: Dramatic map of January world temperatures (UAH/NASA)
FW: Nature interviews Lovelock
FW: Snowden
FW: Stafford Beer needs funding
Fwd: Parasitism and Viability – one more comment
Fwd: Understanding the word “information”
FYI – Current membership of StaffordBeer email list-serv
FYI: “Go to the wiki for Cybernetics and Society. …”
FYI: Intervista a Eshel Ben Jacob



Gapminder.org NOT Gapminder.com
Garrett Lisi ‘Surfer Dude’ and E8
Garry Davis and the World Citizen Ikon
Gas Bubbles
Gaussian copula function – Wall Street Killer
Gene Sharp and Michael Griffin (The Blue Peso approach)
Gene therapy HIV and cancer
Genome Compiler
George Friedman – The Next Decade
George Spencer Brown
German concept laptop
Germany’s Choice: Part 2 (Stratfor)
Getting big stuff done: is this an organizational problem?
GetUp example (linked to earlier online theme)
Gibbs and The Second Law
Giggs-Boson particle –
GIS Mapping and VSM
Glass half full….
Global Climate
Global Cooling Comments
Global economic changes
Global economic changes (affecting Law & Order)
Global Financial crisis
Global health project: an invitation (by D Snowden)
Global Risk Management Ontology
Global Sky Trust
Global systems and Lessons from Argentina and Mexico
Global Warming
Global Warming US Cities Getting Warmer (2008 vid)
Glocal and [a] race (for peace)
Glocal and race
Glocal and race – Predictions Durability Vary
Glocal and Race: Predictions’ Durability Vary
Glocality vs Globalization (was: RE: Desire for cybernetics)
Gloriously Irrelevant?
Gold to $10,000 an ounce?
Goldman squid grabs Europe (Asia Times) & the Pain-Ray
Good Globalism – : Stuff, Life & Cybernetics
Good news – Creativecommons & freedomdefined.org
Good practice (Stephen Downes)
Good stuff from Media Lens on the Middle East
Google – 10 million servers and an exabyte
Google group cancelled
Google Ideas
Google Oceans
Google Project 10^100
Google Wave
Google Wave – SWS
Google: Project 10^100
Google’s Ultra-Real-Time Messaging Tool Lives On
Gordon Pask
Gordon Pask on beauty (YouTube)
Gordon’s Machines
Gossip with Vanilla
Government accounting: Book-cooking guide-The public sector has too much freedom to dress up the accounts
Governmental Syntegration and press
GP – and conversation interactions
Grameen Bank — Muhammed Yunus (audio)
Grandroids on Kickstarter
Grant from the Chilean Government to the Cybersyn Project
Great Convergence
Great Cybersyn Allende Beer Site
Great presentation
Great programme
Great simple tool- the power of the Web
Great video
Greening Security
Greenspan & his “critical functioning structure”
Greenwood and Miller
Gregory Bateson
Gregory Bateson DVD
Guess a riddle (on VSM diagram)
Gulf Geoplatform Site
GW-CIBER Summer Doctoral Institute 2011- Invitation to GW faculty



Haiti (was Clive … iPad)
Half Right
Hans Rosling
Happiness (Re: Co Production … HOPE 2010: Crisis, Catharsis, Renewal)
Happiness and despotism
Happiness and despotism and information
Happy new year !
Harold (Lessons from considerations of the brain, VSM and the Web)
Harris: Science Can Answer Moral Questions
Harris: Science Can Answer Moral Questions (use of language)
Harvard has a Self-Organizing Systems Research Group
Has Global Warming Slowed?
Have fun at work
Have fun at work – spectacular-auto-parts-art-amazing
Hazel Henderson: Green Transition ScoreboardR Tops $4.1 Trillion
Heavy heart for a soft bum!
Heavy snoring research linked to diabetes (09 Dec 2009)
Heinz von Foerster Conference, ASC-Conference
Heinz von Foerster Congress 09 on “Learning”
Heinz von Foerster Congress 2007
Heinz von Foerster videos
Hello + Stafford Beer tApes on eBay
Hello there, Vladimir
Hello there, Vladimir (Varela)
Hello world
Herbert Simon – Paper -The Architecture of Complexity
Here is my latest work; 25 short videos rolled into one
HF Panel Resource
Hibernation Expressed Via the VSM
Hidden Agendas(wikileaks + battlespaces that see)
Hierarchy heterarchy and network structures from a VSM perspective
Higgs Boson
High Tech Economic Stimulus
History of Cybernetic video
Hitler and the iPad
Holism, Sustainability and use of Recursion
Holistic Management
Homage to Gregory Bateson by Fritjof Capra
Homeostat and ultrastability
Homework -following last e’mail
Honeybee Democracy
HOPE 2010: Crisis, Catharsis, Renewal
Hope for desperate times
Hopenhagen – Copenhagen climate change treaty
Hopenhagen’s dirty secret
How about turning RULES into CONVENTIONS?
How can we establish Cooperative Governance for the Amadiba Community of the Wild Coast? Syntegration topic for the future.
How Crowd Psychology and Cybernetics Transform the Way We Govern
How is the internet changing the way You think?
How many AI people does it take to change a light bulb?
How the brain works
How to be a quant
How to make yourself understandable
How to model outsourced inhouse services
How to Run the World: Charting a New Renaissance Through “Mega-Diplomacy”
How to Save Obama from the NeoCons’ Black Hole of Paradigmatic Self-Destruction
How to save the world – Edgar Morin
How to save the world – Edgar Morin (Boris)
How to save the world – Edgar Morin (limits of traditonal science)
How to understand organization and structure and notions like reorganization and restructuring in the VSM
How we “SEE”
Hubble ultra deep field 3-D
HUBS Conference update 2
Hull 2008 on YouTube ?
Human beings (Re: Point of information (Re: Banality of evil (vs eudemony?)))
Human Nature (Re: Avatar movie)
human nature (Re: The Rewarder – A Better Kind Of Bonus System)
Human responsibility and control (Re: Feedforward yet again)
Humility, disciplines and Frank



I am a pathocybernetician
I propose a toast!
I still Need Help
I still Need Help – Caution spam
I Will Not Move
I wondered why Microsoft paid $8.5 billion for Skype – this explains it!
I/UCRC: Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR) IAB Meeting
IBM’s Smart Cities program in Rio
ICT to support our human work (was Some New Year thoughts on VSM)
Idealist-Realist Debate in Organisational Subversion (was Egypt & Stratfor)
Identity and openness
Identity subnet
Identity/name – new thread
Idling is not idle
Ilustrating variety specially for Aussies
Imagination as a tabula rasa – OR NOT
IMF’s head, Lagarde and negative feedback loops
Imminent developments of Web
Imminent dollar collapse
Implications of connectivity (Re: Social computing)
Important Announcement
Important Question on the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Improbable Research Awards
In a nutshell…
In France
In introduction of David Meggitt
Increasing the number of choices
Independent Studies (Re: Lego Universities (Frank))
Indexing and identity
India Forms New Climate Change Body
Indication vs True-False
Infographics – derivatives bank exposure
Information and Power
Information and Power – disontinuity and ingenuity
Information as flow vs information as process …
Information closure
Information is what changes us
Information vs information flow -Saturday thought for the day
Informative Blog
Ingenious Ad projected onto a building facade in Berlin
Innovation in UK
Innovation in UK – reminder of our roots
Innovation in UK and performance evaluation
Inquiry: Graduate Study Focused on VSM [ASC-MEMBERS]
Inside Job interview & ethics
Inside One Man’s Kickstarter Quest to Build True Artificial Life
Inside One Man’s Kickstarter Quest to Build True Artificial Life (Yo-Yo Model’)
Insight Maker News: Jan-Feb 2013
Institute for New Economic Thinking: “To Shatter [the] Illusion of Control”
Institutions of the State … social systems
Institutions of the State … social systems
Integration of the VSM with Oracle or SAP
Intel Chair Craig Barett “Digital Evolution”
Intelligent bacteria and social networking
Interaction / Art, Science and Technology Seminar / Chile
Interactive eBook
Interactive Global Warming Map
Interest at GW in interdisciplinary faculty
Interesting article
Interesting comments on trends in US governance.
Interesting event
Interesting interview
Interesting? – a niche called ‘real-time data’
International Outreach Statement group – camping at St Paul’s Cathedral / London
International Society for Systems Sciences Conference
Internet Ends (French) Democracy
Internet future
Internet Kill Switch?
Interview with Julian Assange by Hans Lysglimt
Interview with Lord Monckton @ COP15
Invention: the care and feeding of ideas by Norbert Wiener
Inventions and ‘radical’ change (Re: Eno interview)
Investment Advice
Invitation for papers
Invitation to cybersyn opening
Invitation to the Cybernetics Society Annual Conference nerxt Saturday in London
Invitation to the Sweden Syntegration June 23rd 25th 2008
Invitation to visit Octoberfest Syntegration website.
Invite to The New Emergency Conference
iPhone App vs. climate skeptics and skeptic blogs
Irishtimes.com:Obama’s Offaly village braces for election party
Is Global Systems Theory Glocal?
Is IBM supporting VSM?
Is it of interests?
Is Money the Goal?
Is the US student debt bubble about to burst? (AL Jazeera)
Is there anyone out there????
Is this economy alive? (was Listserv)
Is this listserv alive?
Is this the end to free-market capitalism?
ISA-95 and the VSM
ISA-95 and the VSM]
ISA-95 and the VSM]]]
ISSS Conference Announcement July 2011 HUBS
ISSS Conference Announcement July 2011 HUBS (ICT)
ISSS Conference this July
ISSS2012 Maturana – announcement of event
Issues of language, objectivity and social meaning
It’s all in the language(ing)
It’s all physics
It’s Good News Week … (somewhere over the rainbow …)



J.C. Penney Co. Discovers the S3-S4 Vortex
James Burke
James Burke Knowledge web
James lovelock
James Lovelock speaks
Jane Mayer “The Dark Side”
Janet Dine “‘Rigging the Risks: How Commercial Law Kills”
Japan fears nuclear plant meltdown
Japan, oh yeah?
Javier Livas just uploaded a video
Javier Livas just uploaded a video – “Cyber-citizen”
Javier Livas on Cybernetics
Javier Livas: “The Cybernetic State” at Manchester Business School
Jerry Meek
Jerry Meek – Appreciation
Joe (Re: Meta-Level commentary – dialogue versus monologue)
Joe(Re: Recursion/hierarchy (Re: The VSM (Re: Kseniya Simonova)))
John Ralston Saul: Freedom & Globalisation (08 Jun 2010)
John Warfirld
John Waters, RV (Re: The application of ideas and models – a cautionary note)
Join the AOM electronic discussion
Jon Stewart & Economy
Jostling with virtual participative tools
Junk DNA proves crucial to health
Just 9,397 Ways To Be Perfectly Clear
Just off press – Business Architecture: The Art and Practice of Business Transformation
Just to the South (was US Government inviting input into ‘grand challenges’ development
Justice System



Keepers of the Cybernetic Flame
Keeping up with the Jones’ – McKinsey on Web 2.0
Kent Palmer
Keynes was right – Paul Krugman
Killing the internet
King of chalices
Knots – Louis Kauffman
Knowledge art or interactive art?
Knowledge limit and the theory of nearly everything
Koestler (Re: Cybernetics – the darkside?)
Kseniya Simonova
Kuru: The Science and the Sorcery
Kurzweil’s Blog on the 2010 State of the Future



Lakota Video PART 2
Language – a thing is what it does
Language and models – some thoughts
Language as a Window into Human Nature (Pinker)
Language…….’emergence’ and ‘objectivity’
Languaging (Re: Think before you Think, SuperFreakonomics and Relativity+)
Last anecdote of day – RATHER WONDERFUL – ~Norbert Wiener reflects on his book
Last dose: All_Watched_Over_by_Machines_of_Loving_Grace
Last dose: All_Watched_Over_by_Machines_of_Loving_Grace (pessimism or optimism)
Last dose: All_Watched_Over_by_Machines_of_Loving_Grace: On You Tube
Last message
Last message – addendum
Last One, I promise: Spencer Brown on Boolean Mathematics
Late homework
Latest at Cybsoc: Espejo takes over at WOSC, Shaxsons economic black hole, Winter Symposium
Laws of Anarchy
Laws of Form
Laws of the Viable System in Wikipedia
Laying down a path in walking’ and eudemony (Re: Reliable Knowledge, …)
‘Laying down a path in walking’ and eudemony (Re: Reliable Knowledge, …)
Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy
Lean Operations
Learning to fly -Maturana
Lectures by George Soros
Lego Turin Machine
Lego Universities (Frank)
LEO world’s first business computer
Leonid – apologies (Re: Dennett on Varela)
Leonid Ototsky wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn
Leonid Ototsky-Oracle-VSM
Leonie’s UK mobile
Lesson from cybersyn vidoe (Re: Cybersyn video)
Lessons for us
Lessons from considerations of the brain, VSM and the Web
Let down (Re: fear and trembling (Re: VSM and Web))
Letter to Carolyn Lucas MP
Levy-Kalecki Formula
Leydesdorff on self organisation
Library/site references
Life and non-life (Re: Emergence)
Limits to mathematisation
Link for Mp4 download
Link shared from [log in to unmask]
Linked data video
LinkedIn – a medium for conversation? A REVIEW
LinkedIn – a medium for conversation? A REVIEW (RUSSELL)
Linkedin Experiment
List Serv Logon Summer Break Request
List serv problem
Listserv – the challenge
Listserv – Wikispace: trying to understand ongoing dynamics
Listserv glitch
Listserv limit
Listserv message tails
Listserve moderator
Little rant prompted by Stefan, though in thread with Frank
Livas Cantú to take a shot
Living Earth Simulator
Living PlanIT — Smart cities get their own operating system (BBC)
Living the world
Living the world: the Metaphorum ethos and the role of a listserver
Living World Simulation
Location, location, location! (And Google.)
Logic of Identity
Logistical question – Ern (Re: Predicting Adaptive Behavior With the Viable System Model)
Logistics (Re: Performative artefacts)
Logistics (Re: Web and VSM (Re: S3*, Self-Regulation and Algedonics))
LongNow Group
Looking for life in the Multiverse
Loops and feedback and cellular automaton
Love in management
Lovelock saves the Earth?
Lovelock: ‘We can’t save the planet’
Lowest Recursion of a System1
Luc ? Further thoughts on recursion (Re: Recursion LEVEL….)
Luc de Brabandere on Coursera
Luc/Ralf (Africa)
Luc: would you mind forwarding it for me? Stefan
Lunch in London with Cybernetics Society members on Saturday?
Lying Is Not Patriotic by Ron Paul



M.C. Escher redux…
Mad and bad (Re: The Queen and the VSM role she plays)
Mad and bad (regulating the Pope)
Madness and the Metaphorum (was SWS & Conversational Interaction …)
Magic numbers of Social networks
Mainichi Tokubai & laws of requisite variety?
Making sense of data
Malcolm Dean (see last post)
Malik – Syntegration in Lower Austria: Functioning twice as well with half the money
Malik and lower Austria
Malik on current crisis
Malik on meltdown
Malik on meltown
Malik on TV and the Total System
Malik Super Syntegration in Brazil
Malik Syntegrations in Greece
Management Cybernetics and Political Economy
Management of forum conversations
Managerial Cybernetics. A natural science for explaining scientific invariances in human populated systems
Manfred Max-Neef
Manifesto for a Revolution in Thinking
Mann Gulch Fire
Manners of living together
Map of Gaza
Mapping globalisation
Mapping of VSM onto Pask’s CT
Marcus de Sautoy – The Code
Margaret Mead and an “Old Russian”
Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7
Marketing (Narratives & fitness landscApes)
Markus Schwaninger ist außer Haus.
Marlow Seventy
Martha Lane Fox
Marvin Minsky on web of stories
Marvin Minsky(Re: Mind Control Device)
Mash-ups and things
Massive black hole discovered in nearby galaxy
Massive black hole discovered in nearby galaxy – The function of these sorts of fora
Math – Recursive distictions on Cybcom
Maths for Primates
Maths for Primates Has a Beerian Competitor In Print
Maths, concepts, physical integrity and virtual worlds
Matthew Bishop: The World Gen Y Will Inherit
Maturana – useful introduction
Maturana – workshop on Sardinia
Maturana & SWS (was: Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea)
Maturana and ’emergence’ (and recursion – VSM?)
Maturana and Kant
Maturana and Varela
Maturana and Varela – transcendence
Maturana and von Foerster in conversation
Maturana at ars electronica
Maturana in Europe
Maturana recent papers
Maturana, Varela, Pask and von Foerster
Maturana’s personal philosophy
Maximising efficiency and sudden breakdown
Maxwell’s Demon
May I?
May I? (Geometric Orientation & Navigation)
May I? (let’s bring in Lucifer)
May I? (McCulloch)
May I? (Wizard Prang)
May I? (Wizard Prang)-Mayonaise jar and beer
MBA Talk
Meaning and concepts (SWS)
Meaning and information (Re: Complexity)
Meaning of a word “glocal”
Meanwhile in the USA
Measurement and data – overview
Measurement and politics
Measures and logic (Re: heuristics (Re: Control and the Law of requsite variety))
Measuring performance of scientific activity
Mechanisms of intelligence: Ashby’s writings on cybernetics
Mechanisms of intelligence: Ashby’s writings on cybernetics (A Story)
Media Convergence
Medina book
Medium and message
Medium and message (glocal)
Meltdown – the men who crashed the world
Memex “as we may think” (1945)
Memory Virtual vs Real
Mentioned here very interesting article about cancer
Merry Christmas & a lot of snow
Merry Xmas
Message Not Promulagated
Messages not promulgated?
MetaComSys/Jay Bayne/Echelon 4
MetaComSys/Jay Bayne/Echelon 4 (What is an Example?)
Metaforum Stafford’s ideas
Meta-Level commentary – dialogue versus monologue
Metaphorum & Sustainable development
Metaphorum 2008
Metaphorum as social network
Metaphorum Conference – Last Call
Metaphorum Conference – Skype
Metaphorum Conference – Skype & future suggestion
Metaphorum Conference June 30th, July 1st HUBS UK
Metaphorum Group
Metaphorum Identity – outside and inside
Metaphorum in St.Galen
Metaphorum March 21
Metaphorum on Syntegration
Metaphorum Stats
Metaphorum web site
Metaphorum Web-site
Metaphorum.org — it’s back
Methods and methodology
Mexico 2012: Un Candidato Valiente | Javier Livas
Michael Abrams looking for course
Miicrobial Cybernetics
Mike Hulme on climate change
Military Industrial Complex
Military Use & “Control” over the Web
Mimivirus is Icosahedral!
Mind Control Device
Mind Control Device – Strange waves have found us….
Mind of a Savant
Mind Wide Open by Steven Johnson
Minds, Machines Merge …
Mindwatch programme is being repeated…..
Minor Housekeeping point.
Minsky Moments
Model of the aviation system
Modeling Emergent Structure
Models (Financial) Behaving Badly
Models (Financial) Behaving Badlyr
Models as heuristics
Moderator and forum
Molecules at very high pressure
Molecules at very high pressure 2
Monckton, Mining & Media
Money for projects: two design Competitions
Moore’s Law of Energy?
More Brain Control – Optogenetics
More climate
More Don Tapscott from early 2007
More Non Sense?
More NP
More on Climategate
More on Hans Rosling: Making Data Dance
More on Iran from AP debka, oilprice and a SE Asian perspective
More on music and the brain
More on the 1 percent human!
More Online Learning
More roots
More splendid photos
More Videos about Management Cybernetics
Morphic Xmas
Mostly unreported China
Moving Mandalas and Geometric Animations from Light Weaver
Muhammad Yunus
Multinode Metageme in Basel
Murdoch’s BSkyB bid and the phone hacking scandal- a Hitler Rant
Murmurations and homeodynamic criticality!
MVC Long Tails and LTV
My final Amazon review of ‘The Cybernetic Brain’
My last Metaphorum Blue Peso message took two days before posted!
My newest video linking Soros with Cybernetics and Beer
My son the cybernetician
Mysteries of Gurdjieff, Stalin, Hitler and Uncle Tom Cobbley (Re: Barclays and LIBOR (just a reply to Trevor))
Mysticism and systems thinking – was – The Middle East – NOW! (intevention?)



N2 Toll Rd petition
Nano sheets Graphene
Nanomovies: Ultrafast Movie Gallery
Nanostitching Airplane Skins.
Narratives & fitness landscApes
NASA on warming world
Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Risk and the Banks
Nassim’s Journal – meta S4
National School of Government
Nature by Numbers
Nature interviews Lovelock
Navigating Listserve – Important
Neat perspective
Nechansky: “The relationship between Miller’s Living Systems and Beer’s Viable Systems”
Netherlands Adds to UN Climate Report Controversy
NetLogo etc
Network control
Network theory
Network theory and VSM
Network theory and VSM (what VSM is not)
Networks for social impact: making the case
Neurobiology of bliss – sacred and profane
Neuroframing Global Warming
Neuroscience Research 10 year Most cited articles
New academic field?
New Book (Paul A. Stocks)
New Book by Andrew R. Pickering
New computer paradigm?
New content on Social Systems Science Thinkers
New Cwarel Isaf tradition – “Four cyberneticians at the beach of Aberaeron”
New cybernetic knowledge / research results / theories?
New Economics in the Classic Mode
New Economics??
New Economy
New Edition – Thomas Kuhn’s ‘Structure of Scientific Revolutions’
New Engagements with the Laws of Form (SLSA 2012): Call for Papers
New feature on Metaphorum: Membership Data Base
New Governance/Interview
New link to VSM and CAS Video
New Malik Blog in English
New media advertising – REALITIES
New member – Bob Snowdon
New member for listserv
New Metaphorum member: Jan Kuiper
New physics
New Physics Discovery
NEW SOROS – New Economics in the Classic Mode
New Technology May Prevent Bird Strikes
New Video – Human Neural Net Autonomy
New video – The Human Brain & Cybernetics
New Video on Systemic Traps
New web page for the Metaphorum
New web page ON; registration details
New word combinations
New Year and All That
News – photos of Stafford , Humberto Maturana and Raul Espejo
News about Stafford
News about the VSM in Russia
News around the VSM
News etc (Leonid Ototsky)
News item: “Three strikes copyright talks spark fear online”
Next next big environmental issue?
Niall Ferguson: Americans and Revolutions – Newsweek
Nick – resting state of atoms?
Nick ? (Re: VSM and Web)
Nitty Gritty Wiki
No CybSoc Conference this year
Noam Chomsky – “The machine, the ghost, and the limits of understanding”
Noam Chomsky interviewed live now on ABC LNL
Noam Chomsky: 5th Annual Edward Said Memorial Lecture (December 03, 2009)
Nonviolence – individual versus collective action
Nonviolence and the Nazis (was Lovelock …)
Nonviolence etc………Comment from sidelines
Note on (Re: Reliable Knowledge, Public Policy, & Our Role)
Note on timescales
Notice of Intent (NOI): Should the Wiki Navigation Page (LHS) be changed?
Novel Climate Plots
Novel philosophy
Novus Ordo Seclorum
NOW COMPLETE, Part I + New PART II -Intelligence Organization CONFERENCE by STAFFORD BEER
Nowhere to be found; Cybernetics is missing
NYTimes.com: Africa’s Gift to Silicon Valley: How to Track a Crisis



Obama (is Irish!… 😉
Obama has come out fighting …
Obama’s Victory
Objectivity, physical reality and human beings
Observing and observed systems (Re: recursion/hierarchy …)
Observing Complexity Seminar
Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street -Some Offshore Stats
Occupy Wall Street- some stats on Offshore
oDesk (entrepreneurs & virtual workforces)
Oil sands and water – sustainability
Old Wine in New Bottles
Oleg – British Embassy in Chile and some Universities in Santiago
On Message
On the networks
On the visual frontier
Once more about the Second Order Cybernetics
One for you Nick
One inconsistency of VSM language
One inconsistency of VSM language (Once more – what the VSM is for)
One more about Edwards_Deming
One more person to the list
One more promising cybernetic material
One more use of Syntegration
One more website about VSM [website feedback]
One small step Roger
One tablet per child — Self-organisation and early learning
Ones wishing happy new year are not cyberneticians.
One-third of world population ‘now online’ (UN)
Ongoing – Re: Essential reading … Great Cybersyn Allende Beer Site)
Ongoing – Russell
Online Action Workshop
Online Books
Online collaboration
Only for the WIMP’s
Ontologistics – new forms of expression
OntologySummit2007 has been a great success! … Please endorse the Communique
Oops! (Re: Book Recommendation – The Cybernetic Brain)
Open Knowledge Foundation
Open Source cybernetic management tools [Re: Integration of the VSM with Oracle or SAP]
Open Spin … eh?
Open Yale Courses
Operational closure
Organisation and Complexity
Organisation and Organisations
Organisation cybernetics and identity of Metaphorum
Organizational Systems: Managing Complexity with the Viable System Model (Raul Espejo & Alfonso Reyes, April 2011)
Origin of the concept “self-organization”
Oscillating hyperexponentials to predict collapse
Our governments
Our manner of relating (Re: Objectivity, physical reality and human beings)
Our new Linkedin group
Ouspensky (Re: vision versus model)
Out of the loop
Overlaps/Mgmt Accountability/Domains/Work Levels & ClimateGate & UN



Pangaro on Cybernetics
Pangaro on Cybernetics (CYBERNETICS)
Pangaro on Design for Conversations & Conversations for Design
Panic Inc! (SBS Dateline)
Parasitism and Viability
Parasitism and Viability – one more comment
Pask – de Zeeuw – science
Pask – research programme
Pask and Beer – some theoretical issue of sharing
Pask and Beer combined
Pask and de Zeeuw
Pask and de Zeeuw – Interaction of Actors Theory
Pask and Luhmann
Pask and Maturana
Paskian hard carapace
Passing the baton
Passing the baton – concscience
Passing the baton – conscience
Past, present and future [Re: System 4 for Islam?]
Pathologies and parasitism
Paul Ehrlich interview (19 Nov 2009)
Paul’s book – amazon website
Pavlov and the Nobel Prize
Pedagogic flow and conversation space – the example of this forum
Pedro – your project
Peer-to-peer not client-server
Peña Nieto confirmed as PRI’s candidate in Mexico elections
People and etiquette (Re: Avatar movie)
Perceptual Control Theory
Performance targets
Performative artefacts
Performative artefacts (reflection on our notion of performative)
Performative ontology & machines (performative artefacts (reflection on our notion of performative))
Permafrost Methane
Perplexity or synergy – Cii and MZSG
Personal anecdote on the Athenaeum (Re: Rachmilevitch & the Apple Tree)
Perspective, Please
Peru: 5,000yo temples … (ABC & BBC)
Peter Checkland in Manchester on 9th December
Peter Higgs and Bob Diamond – A Tale of our Times
PFI projects (Re: Best way to rob a bank is to own one)
Ph.D. workshop at the Digital Government Conference
PhD research on effective use of Large Scale Interventions (LSI)
PhD Scholar from Pakistan
PhDs at Hull and Call for an Editor for Kybernetes
Physical modelling (was RE: Soros on Financial Economy)
Pickering’s ‘The Cybernetic Brain ‘ – unknowability and becoming
Pirelli trip
Plain Language vs Academese
Plan Do Check Act
Planck, the Quantum, and the Historians
Planetary/global -ecological/social
Plasticity in the adult brain
Please add new Metaphorum member to listserv: Jan Kuiper
Point of information (Re: Banality of evil (vs eudemony?)
Point of information (Re: Banality of evil (vs eudemony?))
Political change
Political convicts
Political polarization and the internet
Politics and Cybernetics, more especially Metaphorum
Polynomial Root Patterns
Poor cousin or “To return to the beginning and know the place for the first time”? (Re: Warning: Chaotic Infoset @ work)
Porn, Climategate and the Daily Show
Possible book series of social cybernetics
Postal trucks as real time index monitors
Potential of the new mobile technologies and the Web
Power and its victims
Powerful writing
Practical action
Practical action (Re: Manifesto for a Revolution in Thinking
Practical applications of management cybernetics
Prague: The Cybersyn project and the future of humankind
Precis – I dont have time to read it
Predicting Adaptive Behavior With the Viable System Model
Preventing airline terrorism
Prigogine on YouTube
Prime Numbers Proof Claimed
Principia Cybernetica Project
Print me a Stradivarius
Privacy, security and integrity of Intenet
Problems with Wikispaces
Process management and cybernetics
Process manager
Product You
Prof. Steve Keen is on the money (imo)
Prof. Tim Jackson & Sustainability
Professor Jeffrey Riegel: the life, work and reputation of Confucius
Profiles in Operations Research
Project Cybernsyn/History (Re: Bit of debate -)
Project Cybersyn event
Project Cybersyn website is up
Project Natal review & new Xbox 360 gaming device
Project Natal Xbox 360
Project Orion Nuclear Pulse Units
Project Proposal
Projects database
Promoting “Systems Think”
Promoting systems think
Proposal for new portal for Metaphorum
Proposed UN internet governance body
Pseud’s Corner (re: Stafford on ultimate knowledge)
Public and private space – bulletin boards: Lesson for SWS?
Public Domain
Publish What You Pay (PWYP)
Publishing practice (Re: How Crowd Psychology and Cybernetics Transform the Way We Govern)
Publishings around the VSM
Punk Cybernetics and Punk Mathematics
Puritans (The Web and VSM
Purpose – One of the purposes of this forum
Purpose of a System is What it does?
Pushing at partly open doors, not shoving at closed ones (Re: US Government inviting input into ‘grand challenges’ development)
Putin and the West



Q Analysis and VSM
Quantitative Easing Explained
Quantum Coherence in Photosynthesis
Quantum Dots
Quantum Random Numbers
Quantum surfing on a sound wave
Quantum teleportation
Query about wiki – Stephen
Query: space of synthesis?
Question for Allenna on the VSM & Trust
Question for Angela
Question for Angelina
Questions on GB: 1st] about Stafford Beer
Quotation – Marcel Proust
Quote from Stafford



Racetrack memory development
Rachmilevitch & the Apple Tree
Radio interview on cybernetics
Rainbows and bricks – implications of structural determinism
Rainbows and bricks – implications of structural determinism – Paskian Comtract
Rainbows and bricks – implications of structural determinism and JUSTICE
Random Matrix Theory
Ranulph Glanville (fantastic paper)
Ranulph Glanville on second order cybernetics
Ranulph Glanville paper
Rational-choice and game theory
Rationality and stuff (Re: Climategate (The Chilling Stars))
Ray Kurzweil response … Eugene Goostman passing the Turing test (KurzweilAI)
Re Self
Real and aspirational
Real Problem # 2 Governance – Theme for Cybernetics Society 2010 Conference
Real Problem # 3 Governance – Theme for Cybernetics Society 2010 Conference
Real Time Performance Reporting on the web
Real time world stats
Reality – an explanatory proposition? (Roger Duck)
Really good paper on Ashby and von Foerster, and the resurgence of cybernetic thinking today
Really good video on interactive learning and Web 2.0
Reasonering pathology
Rebecca Solnit, not Bjørn Lomborg @ COP15
Receiving own messages [ from: The variety of life & the flow of ideas]
Recent AI ‘news’ interviews
Recent Article on Stafford Beer
Recent Article on Stafford Beer by Rob Myers
Recent posting – add new member
Recognition for VSM
Recommendation – 7 Models of Risk
Recommendation – ‘The virtual revolution’
Recommendation to all (Re: Cybersyn video)
Recommendation!!! – ‘TheVirtual Revolution’ (BBC2)
Recommendation…..and ‘forms’
Recommended book – early cybernetics and AI/Cognitive Sciences
Recursion LEVEL G20 Failure / New Economics in the Classic Mode
Recursion vs Hierarchy
Recursion/hierarchy (Re: The VSM (Re: Kseniya Simonova))
Reductionist versus Systemic
Reductionist versus Systemic Luc
Reductionist versus Systemic Roger
Reductionist versus Systemic Stefan
Reductionist versus Systemic, Jose
Reflecting on tools for virtual participation
Reflection – Frank Wood.s commnet
Reflection on Chomsky
Reflection the on debate on climate change and global warming, and the role of Listserv)
Reflection the on debate on climate change and global warming, and the role of Listserve
Reflections on participation
Regulating the global economy
Regulation – brief and succinct
Re-imagining Listserv
Reinventing Government Conference
Reith Lectures 2009 given by Michael Sandel: A New Citizenship
Rejected posting to [log in to unmask]
Relative happiness”…???? – systems thinking
Relativism and identity (Re: Autopoiesis and information flows)
Reliable Knowledge, Public Policy, & Our Role
Religious logical typing
Repeal Ashby’s Law?: A World-Class Blunder That Endangers Us All
Reporting Safety and Operational Concerns
Repost: The Governance of Governments
Republican Recant
Request for Information – Borromean rings and Pask
Requiem for a Species
Research Challenge
Resetting the Zero Point of Civilization
Resilience and Viability
Resonance Automata
Resonnances (Re: Forecasting)
Resources for Q Analysis
Resources/ Robert A. Johnson – interview “Crony capitalism unchanged”
Restoring damaged ecosystems
Results Metaphorum meeting St gallen
Results of the ASC Cyb of Cyb Competition
Return to Laws of Form and Maturana and Varela
Review of Ray Ison’s recent book
Revolution 2011′
Revolution or not
RF accessible memory for 1000 years?
Rhythmic Synesthesia
Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth (fora.tv/2009)
Richard Foss and things (Re: Closed system and organisational closure (Re: Autopoiesis and …))
Risk and Aircraft Safety
Risk at the WEF
Risk Conference
Risk Horizon \/ VSM Real Problem # 3 Governance – Theme for Cybernetics Society 2010 Conference
Risk Management
Risk management and black boxes
Risk Management and Crowd Management
Risk Management and The Dynamics of Backfire
Risk Management: International Banking
Robert A. Johnson – interview “Crony capitalism unchanged”
Robert Jay Lifton – Witness to an Extreme Century
Robert Sapolsky: Are Humans Just Another Primate?
Robots and drones
Roger Metric
Roger’s video Recommendation
Roots of viability….
Rope geometry
Roubini’s CHOGM presentation (late Oct 2011)
RULES of this Forum
Russ Ackoff’s death (protocols)
Russell – Logistics (Re: Web and VSM (Re: S3*, Self-Regulation and Algedonics))
Russell – Ouspensky
Russell Ackoff’s death
Russia is going to win in “Best use of Technology for Social Good” nomination
RV and values



S2: Because when something happens in one …
S3*, Self-Regulation and Algedonics
S3*: Self-Regulation and Algedonics
S3*: System 3 to note.
S4 – 3-D Printing
S4 – After Capitalism?
S4 – Comparative Management
S4 – Cosmology
S4 – Environment Recursion Level 18
S4 – Facebook
S4 – Financial Economy
S4 – Global Currency and the Bank of International Settlements
S4 – Human Computer Interface
S4 – Int’l Money System
S4 – Iran Nuclear Weaponization
S4 – Israel – Syria
S4 – On the Clean Coal Front
S4 – Search & Word Clouds
S4 – Sites for Answers
S4 – Solar Environment follow up
S4 – Spaceweather
S4 – Synthetic Life Forms
S4 – Threat to Peace Middle East
S4 – Tools
S4 – Top 10 Emerging Enterprise Technologies
S4 – World Population Worldometer
S4 Biographical Irrelevances
S4 Cosmology
S4 Cosmos & Torus
S4 Economy Finance Global
S4 Economy Financial
S4 e-tools
S4 Exploratory – Cymatics
S4 Exploratory Partnerships
S4 Financial Economy
S4 Intelligence Economic
S4 Intelligence- Economy
S4 Intelligence FYI
S4 Intelligence Scan
S4 Mexico
S4 Resources
S4 Structure of structure
S4 Techie – Lasers, Holograms and Laser Comm Roundup
S4 Technosphere
S4 The Earth Awards
S4 Unexplained phenomena
S4 US Economy
S4 What me worry
S4 What’s Out There Now
S4 Wiki RC Post
S5 for whole world (Re: # 2 – EOE etc)
Safety in cybernetic language
Safety Management vs Risk Management
Salman Kahn on the Kahn Academy and the future of education
Sam Harris interviews Steven Pinker on his “The Better Angels of our Nature: Why violence has declined”
Sander van der Leeuw: The Archaeology of Innovation
Santiago Dreaming
SAP & Crisis
Saturday morning thoughts – social organisation and leaks
Save the world
Saving the world – a bit!
Saving the world – a lot!
Saving the world – a lot! .
Saving the world – a lot! .. and Sustaining the Wild Coast
Saving the world a bit! … Who needs Dr Who?
Saving the world a bit! …power
Saving the world with cybernetics and systemsh
Scale (Re: Second Life – comments)
Scale of the Universe 2
Science & Second Order Cybernetics
Science and Human Rights
Science Can Answer Moral Questions
Science under Attack’
Science, facts and uncertainty
Science.eu.com Call 2010
Scientists and syntegration
Scientists find traces of ancient Martian ocean
SCiO website
Searching the Listserve Archives
Seasons greetings – some light relief
Seat of conSCiOusness
Second Brain
Second Life
Second Life – comments
Second Life – Group notice: New Tour at the Spaceflight Museum
Second Life introductory session
Second Life introductory session …. Leonie
Second Life Session at 22:00 GMT today
Second Life: navigating the system
Second Order Economics
Secret life of Chaos
Secret life of Chaos (role of S4 in notions of embodiment [enaction])
Seed Magazine
Seeing Red
Seeing Red – Perception, sensation and conSCiOusness
Self Organisation and Crowds (Was Entrainment and Self Organisation)
Self-assembling polyhedral nano
Selling Cybernetics to Business and Managers
Semantic violations and private languages and their prisons/prisms
Sensational Wikileak Disclosure
SenseMaker as method for safety data collection
SenseMaker Trial & the VSM?
Separation of Stafford Beer from his descendants
Set Theory and VSM
SHAC/CHF Rumford Scholarship
Shared white space – functions and architecture
Shared White Space – participants & funding
Shared White Space – some thoughts on language
Shared White Space – some thoughts on language – Vladimir
Shared Whitespace – Participants & Funding
Shared Whitespace – some very early design thoughts
Sharing of concepts and SWS
Shaxson (“Treasure Islands”) on You Tube
Shifting global power
Shukriya Network
Sign of the times: BEER IS THE ANSWER…
Signal to Australian investors – free, prior and informed consent required for mining Wild Coast
Significance of organisational closure (Re: Information closure)
Simon Beer
Simon Beer – passed away (announcement)
Simulation and the Viable System Model
Simulation and the Viable System Model- coupled oscillators
Singularity due to networking not AI
Singularity Part 4 – Nanotech
Singularity: Dream or nightmare?
Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
Six Heretical Thoughts About Science and Society
Skype crash & distributed control
Sliding into 2010: Still a Great Game?
Slipped in message to Barry.
Smoker & Beer
Snowden & Beer
Snowden & Cybermen
So Long To Ya, 2010 | The JibJab 2010 Year in Review!
So what is it doing – Japan
Social Change as well as Climate Change
Social computing
Social Engineering That Is Supportable
Social Innovation (Ezio Manzini)
Social Intelligence: Passing a social media background check …
Social media
Social media and big brother
Social Regulation
Societal measures
Societary “food chains”
Software Implementations of the Viable System Model
Software to support work
Solvency II
Some cautionary comments about First and Second Order Cybernetics
Some first thoughts (Re: Metaphorum as social network)
Some local good news for VSM’ers
Some New Year thoughts on VSM
Some notes on design…SWS
Some Observations and A Plan
Some reflections on the ‘Limits of Togetherness’ (Pask)
Some wonderful material
Sony Robots Dancing
Soot smutty soot
Soot smutty soot (and contemporary obs on hospitals)
Soros on Financial Economy
Sorry – multinode-metagame
Sorry guys – undisciplined tails……
Soul or not-Soul
Soul or not-Soul – energy?
Soul or not-Soul – questions or answers?
South China Sea developments
Sovereign Banks
Special Call for Conference Papers and Reviewers
Special issue of ‘Systems Research and Behavioural Science’ on Varela
Specialist or Generalist
Specialist versus generalist organisation versus viability
Specialist versus generalist organisation versus viability Now Lean versus Fat
Speech by Dr King in 1967 – what has changed?
Spencer Brown
Spencer Brown on his first job
Spencer Brown on Laws of Form
Spin ice and monopoles
Spiral Dynamics
Spiral Space Spectacle
SSM-VSM (Lovelock)
ST FE – Complexity – Reinventing The Wheel
St Gallen – CII – Metaphorum
St Gallen Conference
St Gallen Conference [Cybgov]
St Gallen II
St Gallen in the news (but not for cybernetics)
St Gallen Meeting
St Gallen Metaphorum and Special Issue of OTSC
St. Gallen
St. Gallen mgt model used across Switzerland
Stafford and Catastrophe Theory
Stafford and Gordon and Religion
Stafford and performative solutions to simultaneous equations
Stafford Beer – current affairs – this forum
Stafford Beer – history
Stafford Beer & The Monkey King
Stafford BEER 1hr.22min.
Stafford Beer And c20 society
Stafford Beer and Chile
Stafford Beer and Oracle
Stafford Beer Dedication
Stafford Beer in Chile – The New Yorker today
Stafford Beer mailing list !
Stafford Beer on Wikipedia – missing pic?
Stafford Beer Video
Stafford Beer’s model of brain – an appeal
Stafford on ultimate knowledge
Stafford talking about Cybersyn video
Stafford would be delighted
Stafford would be delighted Quantas accident
Staffordbeer.com is in Japanese!
Staffordian solids ephemera
Stafford’s legacy
Stafford’s Theory of Models in practice
Stafford’s video on Cybsersyn
Starter for 10 on Metaphorum Wiki
State of the Planet 2010
Statistics (and mash-ups)
Statistics in perspective
Staying inside the stability envelope
Stefan (Ethics,… Dramatic map of January world temperatures – UAH/NASA)
Stepping into an oil industry nightmare’ (BBC, 23-Jun-10)
Steve Grand – watch this space!
Steve Grand’s Blog
Steve Keen on the transmutation of Zombie Banking into Zombie Government!
Steve Morlidge (cybernetic fabric)
Stockholm – capital of a high-tax socialist state
Storm Thorgerson’s most recognisable pieces of album art
Strategic planning and corporate decision-making
Strategic thinking pitfalls Malik Journal
Stratospheric Water Vapor Slowing Global Warming?
Strength (article by Stafford Beer)
Strength (article by Stafford)
Strictly for fun
Structural coupling and Requisite Variety (RE: Ashby and the environment)
Structural determinism & “the cat whisperer”
Structure – Gomboc
Strucuture what structure?
Stuart – Did our paths?
Stuart Kauffman – Recommendation
Stuart Kauffman on Varela
Stuart Kauffman video
Students and Researchers – Bioethics of Maturana and Davila, and Bunnell
Stuff, Life & Cybernetics
STW Kickstarter project
Subsidiarity narrative from South Africa
Succinct and very recent video presentation on project Cybersyn
Suggested New Thread – Objects and learning
Summary of the workshop in St Gallen
Summer Break Request
Summer Filter Request.
Sun Glorious Sun
Sun major factor in climate change ( was Re: Dramatic solar flare …)
Super Turing Machine Learns & adapts
Superb lectures on the Fourier Transform from Stanford
Sustainability – Viability
Sustainability and Second-order thinking on a Global Scale
Sustainability governance
Sustainability Newsletter for March
SustainAbility Update: 2011 a year of absolutes?
Sustainable Capitalism
SV: Risk Conference
Swarming and transporting (Research News)
SWS – lesson from LinkedIn
SWS – ongoing discussion – the ideas of Pask
SWS – ongoing discussion – the ideas of Pask – and ‘meaning’
SWS – personal groups?
SWS – some issues to do with emotions
SWS (shared white space) – what’s the point!
SWS and Conversational Interaction (Re: Transition from hunter-gatherer …)
SWS: What’s the point? – Paul Pangaro @ Heinz von Foerster Congress 2011
Synopsis of cybernetics and tumbnails of Cyb thinkers
Syntegration – Sweden – Metaphorum
Syntegration – Topic Auction & Hexadic Reduction
Syntegration – Topic Auction & Hexadic Reduction – heuristics
Syntegration and Spencer Brown
Syntegration in Amsterdam
Syntegration next year
Syntegration: echo, reverberation, resonance, coherence (All Watched Over by …)
Syntegrity and online
Syntegrity Group Website
Synthetic biology
Synthetic biology – a general query
Synthetic Life
Sysemic Referential Framework Outed
System 4 for Islam?
System failure
System Fundamentals / Viability / Forecasting
Systemantics- Many a true word spoken in jest?
Systemic Encyclopaedia Call for Contributions: List of Entries
Systemic Failure or …?
Systemic reproduction (RE: Systemic vs Genetic determination in syntegration)
Systemic science
Systemic thinking and Reductionism
Systemic vs Genetic determination in syntegration
Systems and boundaries (Re: Some New Year Thoughts on VSM)
Systems and systemic thinking
Systems Concepts In Evaluation: An Expert Anthology
Systems Dynamics
Systems Dynamics Unrigor
Systems Dynamics, Innovation, Banking + Economics
Systems failure / Sustainability
Systems failure / Sustainability – MOTIVES and POLITICS
Systems failure or systemic failure?
Systems failure?
Systems Research and Information Science
Systems Thinking World
Systems Thinking World – Linkedin group
systems thinking, cybernetics and identity
SystemsThinkers — Important workshop in Washington: invitation
Sytsemic and feedback
Tails (Re: Purpose)
Tavistock Institute Mind control experiments and manipulation for the Gullible Goyim?



Taxonomy, common sense ect
Team Syntegrity 4 UN Climate Discussions?
TEAM SYNTEGRITY documentation for Dave Snowden wanted, …
Technical advice please
Technical Help
Technical note on Variety
Technical query- anyone know the answer?
Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog: The Time-Reversed Laser to See the Light
Tecnología, redes y sociedad / Plataformas de transmisión
TED talk on population growth
TED: Heribert Watzke: The brain in your gut (Oct 2010)
Tee shirts (Re: Futurist Richard Watson – interview)
Ten page reflections of Harrison Owen – Systemic Thinking vs thinking about systems
Ten page reflections of Harrison Owen posted
Test Metaphorum at Leeds
Testing 12 – system quiet
Testing: Posting messages to the Listserv from the website
Text wanted: The Organization of the Manchester Business School from 1970
Thank: # 2 – EOE – Soros WIIFM -G20 Failure / New Economics in the Classic Mode
Thank: # 3 – EOE – Soros WIIFM -G20 Failure / New Economics in the Classic Mode
Thanks – for including “my members”
Thanks – for keeping the Stafford Beer Listserve going
Thanks – meaning and flows of meaning
Thanks : Luc ? Further thoughts on recursion (Re: Recursion LEVEL….)
Thanks to all / Cybersyn in the New York Times
Thanks to all Metaphorum supporters!
That Roadmap: Robert Anton Wilson on the Cybernetic Revolution
The 100 most influential books – Wiener
The 2009 Naples Forum on Service welcomes papers on the VSM
The advertising model of Facebook
The application of ideas and models – a cautionary note
The archive of imperial retreat
The Art of 3-D printing
The Banking System
The battle for Libya’s soul (a French view)
The best ICT-ERP solution
The Big Gaddafi …
The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
The biology of belief
The B-Liar and the Bed Linen flip
The blind leading the blind…
The Blue Peso
The Boundary Spanners’ Dilemma
The business of invention
The Chilean Experiment
The China Balance
The Coming Militarization Of Climate Change
The completion from without principle
The Correct Steps to Change Your Preferences (Was Re: Summer Break Request)
The CRAP Theory of Risk Management
The CSS and the VSM
The cybernetic experimental method – a beautiful anecdote about Ashby
The Cybernetic State etc
The Cybernetic State VIDEO
The Cybernetics of (Re: Ashby and the environment)
The cybernetics of foresight
The Cybernetics of interaction
The Cybernetics of Upper Ontology: a protolanguage for a metalanguage stack
The cybernetics of viability: an overview
The Cybernetics Society 2011 Call for papers.
The Cybernetics Society Symposium is on Saturday
The Divided Brain & the Making of the Western World (LNL)
The early history of cybernetics
The Economic Civil war in USA
The economics of polarization (A/Times)
The emotional and evolutionary precedence
The End — (Michael Lewis, 11 Nov 08)
The establishment will always win was Re: Wikileaks, (transparency)
The Filter Bubble — a personal ecosystem of information
The First Axiom of Management versus Synergy
The First Interactive Systems Thinking Book
The Folly of Growth
The fragility of virtual ownership
The Future Enernet: A Conversation with Bob Metcalfe
The girl who silenced The world for five minutes
The glocal community, intellectual development and publishing
The Governance of Governments
The grassroots having an effect?
The Greenhouse 80:20 Rule (was conspiracy)
The Greenhouse Conspiracy Revisited
The Gulf appears to be bleeding
The human individual: persons and culture
The Inception of INCEPTION (The Movie)
The interaction of time and self-reference
The law – Boris/Ern/Javier
The Law, Capitalism and Justice
The lesson of Android
The lesson of Bucky Fuller for ‘this’ paradigm (Which one???) – Weekend thoughts…..
The Mad Science of Google Lab
The magic of truth and lies
The making of distinctions and systems thinking
The matter of SUBJECT – for the attention of everyone – suggestions please
The McLuhan Project – his message on our media (ABC program)
The medium is the message/the map is not the terrotory
The Mess
The Mexican Race for 2012 » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
The Middle East – NOW!
The Middle East – NOW! (intevention?)
The middle path
The military’s war on the Earth
The modelling trap again
The molecular space
The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris
The most difficult problem of consulting
The Navihedron
The network of global corporate control
The neuroscience of the gut and why we are only 1 percent ‘human’.
The New Era and VSM
The Next 100 Years
The Next 100 Years ($2.50 causes ***in hospitals***)
The Next 100 Years ($2.50 causes)
The Next 100 Years (& family planning)
The Next 100 Years (CSIRAC)
The Next 100 Years (Deep Green)
The Next Net
The Next Net – trimbrab
The observer – a note on ontology – is physics the queen of sciences?
The observer, the problem of measurement and the limits of physics
The online forum – some thoughts
The online forum – some thoughts (closed versus open loop)
The online forum – some thoughts (Fanon, Freire, Illich et al)
The online forum – some thoughts (generalised AND personalised!)
The other singularity
The Participant observer doesn’t have to participate that much….
The people’s video news agency
The pointless razor’s edge
The Politics of Information that Undermines “The Official Version”
The postulate of epistemic homeostatsis
The ‘previous message I referred to!!
The price of the death
The Promise of Justice
The Queen and the VSM role she plays
The rational and the mystical
The Real Cause of the Current Global Financial Chaos
The real Challenge is grounding Staffords Ideas, and seeing the beautiful countryside In Sweden
The Real Time Project
The reality of “information”
The Reductionist Trap / Stafford Beer (YOUTUBE VIDEO)
The report about the Metaphorum
The revolution in conSCiOusness (LNL)
The Rewarder – A Better Kind Of Bonus System
The right balance & voodoo economics (Nouriel Roubini)
The Russell Operator – Lou Kauffman. 2012
The shift has hit the fan:
The Shock Doctrine’ – Western Interests???
The significance of global in disseminating the VSM
The Spanish Holocaust [Re: Extradition of Julian Assange (ABC Interview)]
The Spy Who Came In from Al-Qaeda
The SUBJECT of postings – suggestions please
The Sun quiet no longer
The Thickness of Time
The trouble with money
The trouble with QED?
The trouble with real-time: from the 2008 Global Public Policy Symposium
The truth about Twitter, Facebook and the uprisings in the Arab world (World news/The Guardian)
The two largest primes (so far)
The Universal Manager
The Universal Manager DVD
The variety of life & the flow of ideas
The Venus Project (linked from Zeitgeist)
The Viable System Approach
The Viable System Approach: Proceeding to Closure
The Viable System Model and its Application to Complex Organizations
The virtual choir
The VSM (Re: Kseniya Simonova)
The VSM and democracy (Re: Control versus Influence …)
The VSM as a tool – viability and sustainability
The VSM at the PARADISO-2009 Conference
The War on Terror – a lesson in requisite variety?
The Web (Re: S3*, self-regulation and algedonics)
The Web (re: the future of Internet)
The Web and cybernetics
The Web and VSM
The Webb Telescope
The Wiki
The Wisdom of Clouds
The world is deterministic
The World is Flat
The world’s financial system — a false meta-narrative?
Theme for Cybernetics Society 2010 Conference
Theory behind (Re: Nature by Numbers)
Theory of Space Time with Quantum Scale Fractals
There are no Doppelgangers
There is no such word in English
There must be a complementary development of citizen-centred syntegration to balance the Malik Super Syntegration.
Thesis Total System
Think before you Think
Think before you Think, SuperFreakonomics and Relativity+
Think oblique: How our goals are best reached indirectly
Thinking and acting
Third world development – an ‘open source model’
This article in The New York Times: “The No. 10 Dashboard and Cybernetics”
Thomas Kuhn’s ‘Structure of ScientificRevolutions’
Thought for the Week – females
Thoughts prompted by ‘cascading effects’ etc
Three Airlines Drop Self-Reporting Safety Program
Three New Members
Tim Jackson: Prosperity Without Growth (Deakin Lecture, Melbourne, 6th July 2010)
Timbuktu: Destruction of cultural heritage
Time for “Fall of the Republic”?
Timely Bucky Fuller Quote
Tipping points’ (& the Wikipedia)
Tis the season for symmetry
To be, or not to be human
To integrate Taleb ideas with the VSM
To P=NP or not to P?
To St Gallen
Tobacco energy
TOC and VSM collaboration
Tom Graves at Tetradian on VSM
Tony Fry—’Design Futuring’
Too Big To Fail = Systemic Failure
Tools for conflict resolution
Torturous VSM and the road to Enlightenment
Toward a viable economy
Toward a viable economy #2
Toxic waste & loans
Toxic waste, loans & groans
Toxic waste, loans, groans & moans
Toxic waste, loans, groans & moans (whales&krill)
Transduction, channel and change capacity
Transduction: All the Action in the Overlaps
Transhumanist movement
Transition from hunter-gatherer to agrarian economy (was Re: The neuroscience of the gut … )
Transparency and systems
Transparency, flow of information, knowledge and VSM
Transserfing of reality [SB: World in Torment]
Traveling, standing, beating, random wave motion…
Trevor content and channel (RE: Warnng…..)
Trip to London
Trivial machines, Ashby, etc
Truth and Reconciliation
Turing Fellowships and Scholarships [quantum-foundations]
Turning Lead into Gold (use of the word ‘not’ – George Spencer Brown)
TV show – turn the cases into a TV program?
Twilight of the Bombs was Re: Wikileaks, Assange, GetUp!
Twine – safely share information…
Two extracts from Glanville’s paper
Two interestingly different Youtube clips from Javier
Two New Videos NICE SURPRISE I am sure.
Two strands – “architecting Listserv content”
Two strands/ practical and conceptual/meta – list serv-google group
Type 1 diabetes research
Typo(Re: Checkland and Beer (Re: information vs information flow …))



U.S. Africa Command website, Rumsfeld and Frank Rich
U.S. Demands to Assassinate Assange (Real News)
UCD-STAFFORDBEER Digest – 19 Jun 2012 – Special issue (#2012-51)
UCD-STAFFORDBEER Digest – 23 Jul 2012 to 30 Jul 2012 – Special issue …Guess a riddle.
UCD-STAFFORDBEER Digest – 23 Sep 2010 to 27 Sep 2010 (#2010-200)
UCD-STAFFORDBEER Digest – 27 Feb 2013 to 4 Mar 2013 (#2013-24)
UCD-STAFFORDBEER Digest – 4 Jun 2012 to 18 Jun 2012 – Special issue (#2012-46)
UCD-STAFFORDBEER Digest – 5 Aug 2013 to 12 Aug 2013 (#2013-35)
UK e-petition: Scrap Plans to Monitor all Emails and Web Usage
Ultimate ontological fallacy (RE: Warning…..)
Ultra Stability
Ultra Stability (ultrastability and things)
Ultra Stability (ultrastability and things) (football)
Ultra Stability (ultrastability and things) (football) (laws or infrastructure)
Ultrastability – Organizational Path Dependence
Ultrastability and Viability
Ultrastability: ……..and VSM
Ultrastability: catastrophic dogs barking up ultrastable trees
Ultrastable, Multistable and Polystable distinctions clarified
Unaware It’s a Systems Text
UNCTAD 3 and Cybersyn
Understanding cybernetics (and VSM)
Understanding evolution
Understanding internal and external comms – a possible model
Understanding Stafford’s VSM
Understanding the word “information”
Understanding understanding
Undertsnading Stafford’s VSM
United Kingdom budget and Metaphorum
Units of information: The nat and the ban
University offering a master’s degree in systemic management
Unseld Workshop Tuebingen with Humberto Maturana
Update on the Metaphorum Conference June 30th, July 1st HUBS UK
Up-front Digital Acceleration.
URL Reference Library
US carmakers need to be viable for bailout assistance.
US Cyber Command: 9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b22a
US Economy the Fed
US Elections
US Government inviting input into ‘grand challenges’ development
US politics and bionics
Use of a Calculus of Distinction
Use of cybernetics in course assessment (Barry)
Use of language (Re: VSM as Hierarchy, heterarchy or triarchy ?)
Use of models
Use of models – VSM and SSM
Use of Smileys – Stefan
Use of swear words – Re: Beliefs from the Model-Dependent Realists
Use of the word autopoiesis
Useful (perhaps) distinction
Using Twitter
Using YouTube
Utilities – : Stuff, Life & Cybernetics



Vadian Patron Saint for Metaphorum
Valuable tip for one particular use of VSM in practice
VALUE – Call to action and reflection on the identity the forum
Value and Use of VSM -social and human
Varela’s view on autopoiesis in 1996
Variety balancing (Beer) and structural coupling (Maturana)
Variety drivers
Variety, Conversation and the Web
Very best wishes, Nick (Re: Soot smutty soot …)
Very clear paper
Very good place for VSM
Very good short read
Viability in action at Toyota
Viable and survival
Viable bank undergoing S3 organ transplant
Viable Economy #3
Viable Economy #4
Viable System Agent Update
Viable System Model Implementation
Video – Teller talking about John von Neumann
Video – ‘The Universe and You…
Video / Conference
Video and wiki
Video Corrected
Video Lectures
Video of the Global Futures Intelligence System launch at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Video tapes of Gordon Pask and Stafford Beer
Video: Cybernetic Man & Emergent Frailties of Capitalism
Video: Dr Oeller “Effective Management of Complexity”
Video: The way forward
Videos – playlist on YouTube
Videos (Universo Kubernetes in YouTube)
Videos on Cybernetics
Videos Uploaded/The Intelligent Organization
Viewpoint: Megatrends that will change everyone’s lives (BBC)
Violence, non-violence and formal modelling?
Virus – Buena tarde …
Vision and its source
Vision versus model
Visions of the Future (Michio Kaku) [was Captains of Cabins…]
Vital signs for spaceship earth
von Foerster – Book
von Foerster (Re: Cybernetics – the darkside?)
von Foerster and Maturana – the role of magic
Voting for Google’s Project 10^100
VSM – management interactions
VSM – management interactions (different languaging)
VSM – management interactions (science)
VSM – Re: The World is Flat
VSM – structure and organisation?
VSM – the lesson of T.S.Kuhn
VSM – use of : as ‘alarm- belled’ for Mike by Baynes
VSM and Air Transportations Sytems
VSM and ambidextrous organization
VSM and Complex Adaptive Systems Video
VSM and control theory (Re: Stress)
VSM and Credit Card Fraud
VSM and crowdsourcing
VSM and Cybernetics
VSM and memory
VSM and morals – CHOICE
VSM and present historical moment
VSM and relevance to contemporary issues
VSM and Sociology
VSM and species differences
VSM and Team Syntegrity
VSM and TS – disseminating the ideas
VSM and Web
VSM application list
VSM as a principle of evolution
VSM as governance ontology
VSM as Hierarchy, heterarchy or triarchy ?
VSM as Upper Ontology
VSM embodiments
VSM for ‘running the whole world’
VSM for the Performance Management
VSM forbids money
VSM Images
VSM in Smalltalk
VSM Insights Not Perceived by Microsoft Philanthropy
VSM inspired architecture
VSM Is Repellent in Partisan Politcs
VSM Is Repellent in Partisan Politcs – models
VSM Is Repellent in Partisan Politics
VSM language
VSM Life simulation (was RE: Viable and survival)
VSM Mapped to Animal Emotions
VSM Presentation
VSM representation
VSM scope of application
VSM scope of application – models and morals
VSM teaching experience
VSM to the ONTOLOG – #2
VSM tweaks
VSM, proliferating networks – a new ontology
VSM4Business – pillars for viability
VSML Annoncement
VSM-MES-ERP request



W Daniel Hillis on Winograd, Minsky and Varela
Wade Davis (Long Now)
Waiting for Copernicus?
Wanted: Maturana for Dummies
War and Robotics
Warning: Chaotic Infoset @ work
Warning: test abandoned.
Warning: The Shortest Post in the Fence
Warning: The Tooth of Truth
Warning: The Tooth of ‘Truth’?
Warranted Knowledge – A New Way to Acquire and Interpret Data?
Was Stafford an Existentialist?
Was: Amsterdam Syntegration = Marketing the stuff
Watch this space – VSM workshop
We Are the Ones We have Ben Waiting For
Weather and health
Web & Desktop merger
Web and VSM (Re: S3*, Self-Regulation and Algedonics)
Web of stories
Website ready to go!!
Website References
Website updated
Welcome back Russell (Re: Come on guys! (identity))
Welcome to the List
We’re into literature, now, chaps …
WG: Japan – Request for Better Information
What a surprise… The Banks’ IT is a mess
What did God do before he made the universe?
What happened to cybernetics (was RE: The reality of “information”)
What happened to cybernetics (was The reality of “information”)
What is a social metaphor?
WHAT IS CYBERNETICS? (Stafford Beer, Honoris Causa at Universidad de Valladolid)
What is Cybernetics? Conference by Stafford Beer
What is the best job for a beautiful lady?
What is the Goal
What is the Goal?
What is the Purpose?
What organizations use VSM?
What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe
What type of people…?
What we watch
What we watch (or, not really!)
What’s the point of feedback?
When Social Media Mining Gets It Wrong
Where the web is taking us
Whirling Derviishae
Whistleblowers Ejected from the Algedonic Loop
Who controls the internet?
Who says doesn’t know
Who wants to join in NMC Resource Center
Whole and Part
Wholeness and the Implicate Order
Who’s Messing with Wikipedia?
Why Apple makes iPhones in China and why the USA is screwed
Why don’t we hear news from Iceland?
Why is organisational closure significant? The VSM
Wiener – on the significance of Wiener (The Atlantic )
Wiener -‘ The Human Use of Human Beings”
Wiener – Unusual Book
Wiki – New Space of Expression
Wiki and Video as a Map on How to Use Wiki
Wiki Gossip
Wiki Library
Wiki practice
Wiki practice – HELP please
Wiki present thoughts
Wiki- present thoughts
Wiki sites
Wiki space – advice
Wiki stats
Wikileaks (transparency): Not By Genuine Whistleblowers
Wikileaks (transparency): responsibility to consensus versus consensual responsibility
Wikileaks ==> Openleaks: spawning time…
Wikileaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Wikileaks Suspends Operations, Cites Lack of Funds
Wikileaks, (transparency)
Wikileaks, Assange, GetUp!
Wikileaks, Assange, GetUp! (Mass Gubernetics)
Wikileaks.org under attack
Wikileaks.org Under Unsuccessful Attack
Wikileaks: Leaks?
Wikileaks: Leaks? (ethics versus moral imperatives )
WikiLeaks: Stop the crackdown – incredible response!
Wikileaks: The-Whistleblower (Julian Assange)
Wikileaks: Who let the logs out (Asange’s rap)
Wikinomics author talks to Institute of Direct Marketing
Wikipedia and Javier’s videos
Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth
Wikipedia caution note
Wikipedia entry: feedback from the field
Wikipedia System Science
Wikipedia to delete Metaphorum?
Wikipedia:WikiProject Cybernetics and Portal:Cybernetics
Wikispace (now cybernetics-and-society.Wikispaces.com)
Wikispace and Education Systems
Wikispace and Karl Weick
Wikispace and other Metaphorum issues
Wikispace Cybernetics-society
Wikispace video library
Wikispaces (Google group cancelled)
Wikispaces News (13-06-10)
Windows 7 should be free
Wireless bridge sensors use close to real time monitoring
With Jay Bayne about Stafford Beer
WMSCI conference in Orlando, FL
Wolfram Alpha year end update
Wolfram’s Alpha Project
Wonderful computer interface
Wonderful image (for a Monday morning – in these otherwise rather sad times)
World Banking crisis
World Citizen #1
World Government
World government, Einstein & bees (… ISSS Conference Announcement July 2011 HUBS)
WorldWide Telescope (WWT)
WOSC Conference Poland next September
WOSC in Nanjing 2011- First Call
Wozniak and Trivial Smartphone Apps (was Re: Barclays and LIBOR)



XML convention for VSM structure description



YES – Good example of a Brain Study
Your document
Your document & water & …
Your Views on Megacities and Sustainability
Youtube video



Zeitgeist Addendum
Zeitgeist Addendum (the movie)
Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
Zettelkasten – Slip Box
Zitterbewegung for Nick
ZKM exhibition



“1Q84”, by Haruki Murakami
“9/11 – was there an alternative response?” (Chomsky, Al Jazeera)
“9/11 – was there an alternative response?” (Chomsky, Al Jazeera): LAW
“Administration systems”
“Awful Trip” Has No Mark of Authenticity Whatever
“Europe’s grim fiscal fairytales” (Wolfgang Münchau, FT)
“Fighting the tide of stupid” … (Crikey)
“Gubernatorial reverse-Robin-Hood” & “Dark-Hats”
“Local” Identity
“Open video” Could Beget the Next Great Wave in Web Innovation
“Relative happiness”…????
“Relative happiness”…???? – Privacy!!! (Rant to Joe – who I know and love, both virtually and corporeally! [sometimes!])
“Relative happiness”…???? – systems thinking
“Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world” (New Scientist)
“Successful tools” – culture and human creativity
“The Cybernetics of Self-Organisation, Learning and Evolution” Papers 1960-1972 by Gordon Pask selected and introduced by Bernard Scott.
“The Management Myth” by Matthew Stewart
“The Meaning of the 21st Century” by James Martin
“Treating cancer and …” a systems thinking approach … (ABC, LNL interview)
“We Think” – Book
“What is a Number, that a Man May Know It, and a Man that He May Know a Number?”
# 2 – Climate Change and Executive Incentives
# 2 – EOE – Soros WIIFM -G20 Failure / New Economics in the Classic Mode
# 2 Governance – Theme for Cybernetics Society 2010 Conference
# 2 List Serv Logon Summer Break Request
# 2 Luc ? Further thoughts on recursion (Re: Recursion LEVEL….)
# 2 Resources/ Robert A. Johnson – interview “Crony capitalism unchanged”
# 3 – Climate Change and Executive Incentives
$4 – post Capitalism?
[CF] Constructivist Foundations 6(3) has appeared
[CYBCOM] is an online forum to do with pedagogy?
[FES] Amazing Grace
[FES] Pandora’s Box
[FES] Pandora’s Box. What about the “lunch box”?
[FES] Transition
[hvf] Heinz von Foerster Congress 2009
[Long Now Europe] Brian Eno, Stewart Brand and Alexander Rose speaking in London February 1, 02010
[Meta] Re: Mostly unreported China
[Mitworld] Lawrence Fish and Simon Johnson on the Banking Crisis,Subra Suresh and Yossi Sheffi on Engineering Systems
[Mitworld] New: Angel on Solar Energy,Human Rights and Politics in Israel-Palestine
[Mitworld] New: Cirincione on Nuclear Weapons,TR Panel on Innovation
[Mitworld] New: George Soros on a Financial Markets, Admiral Fallon on Global Concerns for Next U.S. Administration
[SystemsThinkers] Important systems project needs your help
“Cybernetic Revolutionaries” Book/ My comments
“What Is Cybernetics”, Stafford Beer, Honoris Causa at Universidad de Valladolid
… and now, nature’s strange architecture
1, 4, Joe
1st and 2nd order cybernetics (closed and organisationally closed)
1st Cwarel Isaf Conference
1st Management Theory Conference, Sept 27-29, 2013, San Francisco, CALL for THEORY PAPERS
2010 30 Years of Global Cooling Are Coming, Leading Scientist Says
2020 Visions
20th Anniversary
20th Anniversary (preparing for the worst)
21st Century VSM
3* & ‘viable’ Greek Wealth
3D Mandelbrot – Mandelbulb
3D printing with moving parts
54 Images of contextual System 4
6 ways mushrooms can save the world
650 million years in 1 min 20 secs.
7 Cons of the Wall Street Hustle
7,000 views/VIDEO RECIPE