Cybernetics and Public Administration

Leonie Solomons reports on CybCon2004 the Cybernetics Society Annual Conference organised with Metaphorum

Our collaboration with Cybernetics Society started on a beautiful sunny afternoon on September 3rd in St James Park, London UK which set a convivial mood for our resident and international attendees. Download Programme.

Pictures from Margeret Heath.

By 3.30pm we reconvened at the Parliament Room to hear presentations by:

Discussion ensued after each of the presentations. Drinks were served and Particpants and discussions continued with dining into the evening.

The next day, 4th Sept 2004, Prof Alfredo Moscardini opened the conference with his deliberations on the need to get academic institution to conduct degree programs on Systems Thinking. Currently, proposals are afoot to design such a program for Egypt.

He also pressed for collaboration between the three cybernetic organizations (The Cybernetic Society, Metaphorum and Cybernetics North ) in order to ensure that Cybernetics survives as a viable academic area in the UK. He also outlined a paradigm that could be used for assessing Cybernetic work. He would welcome feedback on these ideas.

Dr Allenna Leonard facilitated a three-part presentation by Dr Angela Espinosa, Dr Marcela Villarreal and John Clark.

We were pleased to be invited by Prof Brian Rudall Kybernetes Editor in Chief to submit the papers for publication. Dr Allenna Leonard, President of the American Society for Cybernetics, has agreed to Guest Edit.

The attendees over our one and a half day Cybcon 2004 collaborative event with Cybernetics Society came from UK, Colombia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Belgium, Italy, France, Canada, Ireland, Israel and Australia.

The NEXT Metaphorum Event will be held in Dublin, Ireland where Paul Stokes will host the gathering. We aiming at early in May in 2005. The theme for our event is yet to be agreed. Suggestions are welcome to Prof Alfredo Moscardini please. Many thanks to our contributors who produced a fascinating event. We were honoured by the participation of Dr Allenna Leonard, Stafford's partner, and Vanilla Beer, the painter, and daughter of our illustrious mentor the late Stafford Beer.

A shorter report with some speakers texts and pictures by Vanilla Beer can be seen at the Cybernetics Society website.

The Society is happy to make any reasonable amendments should members and contributors feel an inadequate representation of their work has been made. Written comments and further details and clarifications are encouraged.

Leonie Solomons 3rd October 2004