2017 Metaphorum AGM

The meeting was convened at approximently 5:00 p.m. in a meeting room of the Liverpool John Moores University after a tour of the Stafford Beer Collection.  Present were:
Mark Johnson, Angela Espinosa, Jon Walker, Michael Pfiffner, Tracy O’Conner, Michelle Ryan Allenna Leonard, Doug Haynes, Dai Griffiths, Maria Kister, Svetlana Rodriguez Arciniegas, and Robert Young.

This conference realized the intention expressed at the 2016 meeting to hold this year’s conference in Liverpool on the topic of “Healing Organizations”.

We reconfirmed the news of the launching of the new website, developed by Mark Lambert with the support of Jon Walker, Angela Espinosa and Russell Clemens, and invited collaboration from the members. We announced that instructions on how to upload materials will be sent out after the conference and we would appreciate that everyone would share their comments and photos of this conference on the website.

Jon Walker reported that the treasury has L1,300 in the bank including amounts from Hull and from the old bank account delivered by Alfredo Moscardini.  There are no outstanding expenses.  Mark Johnson reported that the Conference had more than broken even but that Liverpool University would be keeping the difference.

We had an offer from Mark Lambert to hold it in the winter in Germany but it was decided to revisit that offer next year.

It was suggested to explore the possibility of doing the next conference in Ireland. The time will be in the late summer or early fall. The plan is to hold it in an inexpensive venue such as the Eco-Village in Tipperary and to make a special effort to attract young people.  In addition, keeping the costs down will make it more attractive to other participants.

We decided to make more of an effort next year to publicize the conference via social media.

The topic, suggested by Angela Espinosa and agreed by the members was “Redesigning Freedom”.  Other topics that were considered were ‘reinventing control’ ‘quantum computing’, ‘social activism’,  and ‘new technologies vs. freedom”

Thanks were offered to Mark Johnson and Angela Espinosa for acting as this year’s conference organizers, and to Mark Lambert, Russell Clemens and Jon Walker.


The meeting adjourned at approximently 6:00 p.m.