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Last updated 11th. October 2004

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Thanks to Harry and Simon Beer

Cybernetics and Public Administration

CybCon2004 the Cybernetics Society Annual Conference organised with Metaphorum

Pictures from Margeret Heath: A sunny day in the Park, cyberneticians have rearranged the deck chairs

President Leonard (ASC) and Rosemary Bechler

Paul Stokes, Luc Hoebeke and President Smith (CS)

President Alfredo Moscardini (Metaphorum), John Clarke and Angela Espinosa

Genevieve Hibbs

Vanilla Beer

Yitzhaq Hayut-Man while Nick Green suggests Five and Four corresponded to Freud's superego and ego with the autonomic loop as id in his talk on NHS IT.

Denis Adams Rosemary Bechler, Harry Beer, Jenna Bishop, Steve Brewis, John Clarke, Wayne Conrad, Chris Cullen, Angela Espinosa, Nick Green, Roger Harnden, Brian Hilton, Patrick Hoverstadt, Mike Jackson, Allenna Leonard, Alfredo Moscardini, Annamaria Moscardini, Ian Perry, Ern Reynolds, Andrey Sergeyev, Leonie Solomons, Rod Thomas, Joe Truss, Stefan Wasilevski.

Moscardini on Metaphorum
Hoverstadt"s Toolbox
Governance and Cybernetics Colloquium
Vanilla"s Photoalbum