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Last updated 6th March 2004

The Viable System
The Resonating Icosahedron of Team Syntegrity modelling the Viable Metasystem more>>

Denis Adams Rosemary Bechler, Harry Beer, Jenna Bishop, Steve Brewis, John Clarke, Wayne Conrad, Chris Cullen, Angela Espinosa, Nick Green, Roger Harnden, Brian Hilton, Patrick Hoverstadt, Mike Jackson, Allenna Leonard, Alfredo Moscardini, Annamaria Moscardini, Ian Perry, Ern Reynolds, Andrey Sergeyev, Leonie Solomons, Rod Thomas, Joe Truss, Stefan Wasilevski.

The Staffordian Syntegration decided to set up a web site to spread Stafford Beer's cybernetics into new domains, collect case histories and report news of activities in Management Cybernetics, the field founded by Stafford Beer.

After establishing the curriculum of management cybernetics with "Management and Cybernetics" and "Decision and Control" Stafford wrote "Brain of the Firm" which described his Viable System Model. The prime minister, Dr Salvadore Allende, invited Beer to apply this approach to Government in Chile. After years in Industry pioneering Operational Research Stafford became an International Consultant to Governments.

Finally after considering conscious and autonomic action in organisations the icosahedral syntegrity model of the management metasystem was produced for up to thirty interacting participants. Team Syntegrity was born with the publication of "Beyond Dispute: The Invention of Team Syntegrity"

A flavour of the scope and depth of Stafford's life in Cybernetics can be seen in the Cwarel Institute short biography and collection of papers. Stafford's own commentary on his major works is of particular interest.

At the Staffordian Syntegration in Hull 2003 it was decided to develop this web site to spread the use of these techniques to establish an accountable and participatory route to solving problems of Conflict and future Government. There are many dimensions to this including establishing an archive and creating tools for mass use both on and off the web.

The topics on the menu were produced by the reverberating conversations between participants at the Hull Syntegrity. The development of their conclusions is presented through three iterations. Proposals from all are invited to take this work forward.

When we launched the website we noted 5,910 Google results on "Stafford Beer".Today (December 2006) Google registered more than 80,000 results on "Stafford Beer". Some of the leading links are provided but if you have work in progress or are intending to apply his work please get in touch. Recently major IT suppliers have discovered the "Real Time Enterprise" and are asking how Governance can be improved. The Metaphorum Group have a deep theory to support implementing improving management, development, and governance unlike any of those outside management cybernetics. You will find it is unique in its humanity, depth and applicability.

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