Failing Successfully

viable syntegration

Last updated 2nd March 2004

Chris Cullen, Ern Reynolds, Nick Green.

Iteration One

Homeostats resist change.

Interpretation of homeostatic resistance is an art.


  1. Beware of reaching the fundamentals.
  2. Reynolds suggested it was sometimes necessary to induce the client to do the right thing (real) for the wrong reasons (ostensible). Green thought this unethical introducing unnecessary risk. Cullen was not present
  3. “Are you prepared to risk something of this power?”
  4. Do you declare framework when consulting? After payment! Or is it safer to do the job half-way, since the truth shall make you an outcast.
  5. The collective unconscious resists becoming conscious.

Iteration Two

Install the algedonic loop where missing, and the independence of the auditor (system 3*)

Be wary of the following pathologies:

  • S5– Lack of algedonic loop – corrected after the fact, but messenger killed
  • S5 – Executive Rookies – have all the power but not the knowledge, whilst those who know do not declare
  • S5, 4, 3, 2 – Power shift possibility
  • S4 – Security clearance - lack of due process
  • S3* - Getting them dirty
  • S3* - Corner-cutting (uncorrected neglect)
  • S3 – Non-appropriated funds
  • S2 – Constant and unwarranted telephone number changes, publishing telephone directories on CD only and making the directories obsolete.

S1, S2 etc stand here for the System Ones, Twos etc of the Viable System Model

Outcome Resolve

We want to collect distinct diseases of enterprises of all kinds, then classify them and make therapeutic recommendations. These will be progressively made available on the Meta-Phorum website.

The Hijacking of the Purple Team – “Handling Big Systems”

Action Plan:

  1. Send prospectus for Handling Big Systems to the Purple team – Chris – July 7
  2. Respond to Prospectus – All members – July 18
  3. Develop and share proposal for CII with all members – Chris – July 20
  4. Present proposal to CII representatives – Chris - July 18-22
  5. Gain approval from CII to proceed – Chris – July 31 target

Assuming approval granted:

  1. Establish a means of meeting – online and/or telephone conference
  2. Share available text
  3. Scan and share models
  4. Identify missing links
  5. Identify first drafters for sections