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Dr Angela Espinosa has written a Newsletter on Metaphorum's Dublin Conference (May 5th-6th 2005) Events and Cybernetics North seminars at Manchester Business School.

All set: Update from Angela Espinosa

Metaphorum was established to honour and to build on the work of Stafford Beer, a major figure in post-war cybernetics. He pioneered the societal and organizational application of cybernetic ideas.

Building on previous meetings of Metaphorum which have taken place in Sunderland and London (see below and the Cybernetics Society ) in 2005 Metaphorum moves to Dublin to consider the possible contribution of Beer's cybernetics to the design and construction of realistic, effective and yet emancipatory social orders. The Metaphorum will seek to learn from and build on Stafford's work in Chile with Salvador Allende and the Chilean people before that initiative was destroyed.

Human or social cybernetics (as in the work of Beer or Bateson) represents a formal attempt to identify the elements and practices of the art and science of good governance. The meeting will be seeking to learn for their work in the design of institutions of governance that are both realistic and effective as well as liberatory. Recently a number of real-life initiatives around the globe have been identified as so-called 'real utopias'. It is with a view to extending our formal and practical knowledge of such possibilities that this Metaphorum is being convened. And so reflective practitioners of all kinds are invited to attend so that we may all learn to become more effective practitioners. We are asking participants how cybernetics may be used to assist in the construction of effective and liberatory social orders.

Specifically, what interfaces or forms of transduction will be necessary to enable cyberneticists and practitioners alike to share knowledge, insights and experience? Also welcome in particular are the fabricators of such 'real-utopias' to speak of their achievements and their shorfallings. Can a knowledge of Beer's and Bateson work help people at the cutting edge of practical political change improve their strategic and tactical game in their endeavour to prevail? These and many other questions will engage participants at Metaphorum in Dublin. In addition to the formal sessions (which will take place at the University of James Joyce - University College Dublin), there will be plenty of opportunity for participants to engage with each other and the issues in the many friendly and congenial spaces and establishments that dot the capital city of Ireland, spaces that with great foresight have been established specifically with such ends in mind.

Abstracts are invited for submission before the 28th February, 2005.

Details of the Programme for the event will be posted on the Metaphorum website over the coming days and weeks here.

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Paul writes "A Metaphorum for those interested in exploring Beer's VSM as a tool for effective and liberatory governance".

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