Governance and Cybernetics:
The First Metaphorum Colloquium

The Papers

The Colloquium was held on April 30th to May 1st 2004 at the University of Sunderland on "Governance and Cybernetics".

Titles of the papers read and some full texts are below. Conference details.

We explored applying Cybernetics to understand how things are governed at all levels of society and tried to discover some useful insights.

  1. Angela Espinosa and Jon Walker- Democracy in the Knowledge Age, Some experiences on applied cybernetics in Columbia
  2. Leonie Solomons: Mapping Sri Lanka in VSM terms and diagnosing its devolution implications arising from fiscal equalisation
  3. Andrey Sergeyev and Alfredo Moscardini: What is meant by Validation
  4. Rod Thomas - Stafford Beer in memoriam-"An argument of change" three decades on
  5. Patrick Hoverstadt - National Decision Making in Nuclear Waste Management
  6. Ralf-Eckhard Tuerke - e-Goverance: An integrated framework to promote Governance
  7. Luc Hoebeke - The Identity Function (S5) and the Tension between Participation and Democracy
  8. Susan Jones: A Multi model Approach to Making the VSM More Accessible to Senior Managers
  9. Allenna Leonard - How can we rise to the challenges posed by the lag time between our momentum and our control?
  10. Nick Green - Metaphorum and World Government: Establishing the Design Rules
  11. Paul Stokes -From Government to the Management of Complexity - The Cybernetics of Governance
  12. John Clarke -The Eudemony Index: Toward a methodology for overcoming chronic vulnerability to HIV/AIDS pathology by strengthening "community immunity" by the amplification of resilience factors.

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