"Political Physics: or, How Westerners Think"

Ern Reynolds writes: This presents my personal thesis that Clausewitz ought to be considered the world's first extensively-published and explained cybernetician.

It has been vetted for publication, and includes the very valuable criticism it provoked in Dublin.

  1. This is the Memorandum itself.
  2. This is the 11-page text vetted for publication.
  3. This is the 10-page handout distributed at the talk.
  4. This is the PowerPoint presentation.
  5. The text-only version was always about 25% larger than what was tricked out as a PowerPoint presentation. It now incorporates what my gracious and attentive Dublin audience requested I amplify. It also cleans up my formerly mistaken mathematics, based upon their diplomatic corrections so tactfully furnished on the spot.

    The ten-page handout contains very few corrections from what was distributed in Dublin. As offered there, its ten pages consist of four Appendices to either the text version or the PowerPoint version. It is found two different places: as a Microsoft Word document Clauz003.doc; and duplicated as the final ten PowerPoint slides.

    The PowerPoints contain one new slide based upon Dublin feedback, plus tiny corrections to 13 others.

    Available from Ern Reynolds on diskette. Further feedback to Ern welcomed.

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