The Meta-Phorum

viable syntegration

Last updated 2nd March 2004

Ern Reynolds, Leonie Solomons, Patrick Hoverstadt, Rosemary Bechler, Steve Brewis.

Metaphorum today

On behalf of the acting Metaphorum Council Professor Alfredo Moscardini introduces the Purposes of the group.

Iteration One

Let there be a meta-website.

Major functions include:

  • Master index and links
  • Provide template for local site set-up
  • Start-up for new content/ ideas

We need a new form, designed via VSM, to bring a new entity of active engagement into being.

“The Staffordian Society” is an alias label for now.

Iteration Two

Topic Changed to "Meta-Phorum"

Let there be a meta-website. The forum will provide an open, self-organizing space, offering its members:

  • Access to diversity of others
  • Multiple entry points

What matters to us is:

  • To share and generate information, ideas, knowledge, and experience as members wish
  • To bounce ideas off each other
  • To share and advance application experience and methods
  • To share stories – “Later at the Bar”
  • To preserve and explore Stafford’s legacy, including our personal experience of his life and work
  • To encourage debate

Activities of subgroups might include:

  • Build a rich framework for the Collection, Artifacts, etc.
  • Constitute an SB Cell that works
  • Promote reframing and proliferate diagnostic remarks and take them ‘Out There’
  • The Enterprise Toolbox
  • Help in the development of a civilized revolution caucus to advance thinking about governance and politics

What matters to you? Tell us here, with graffiti.

Outcome Resolve

The Light Blue team, with any other infoset member who volunteers now, will assume the System 3/System 4 discussions (will comprise the Light Blue team and a member from each primary activity group initially – the other 11 topic teams) on behalf of the membership for the purpose of immediately boot-strapping.

The decision making body will be the membership responding to an initial proposal from the Light Blue team (+).

Two initial decisions that need to be made are membership and resources and we are here asking each person who wants to be a member to subscribe £5 each to buy the domain name to be decided. Leonie Solomons has offered to undertake the treasurer’s role initially, and seeks a volunteer to succeed her when she leaves the UK.